●Brown bag lunch seminar 2021#003  2021.7.21Marc Chataigner(Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University)”Speculating good companies. A discourse analysis of the role of peer-to-peer hospitality micro-entrepreneurs”#002  2021.7.7Kristina Kazuhara(Ph.D. Fellow, Copenhagen Business School /   Teaching Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen)”Metaphorical Translations – A Process Study of a Strategic Initiative at Novo Nordisk in Japan”
●Forum 2021 2021.9.1 Avimanyu (Avi) Datta (Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship and George R & Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Illinois State University) ”Strategic Renewal of Hollywood Movies by TMT as Agents of Change: The Impact of Change in TMT and Narrative Transformation on Franchise Performance”
Vol.68 No.4 SPR. 2021 (In Japanese) A leading management journal in Japanese, which builds a bridge between theory and practice. EDITED BY Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research PUBLISHED BY Toyo Keizai Inc. In Search of Fundamental Changes in Japanese Working Style Kentaro Arita / Naomi Kodama / Saisuke Sakai / Kohei Takahashi “The Diffusion and the Effects of Work Style Reforms on Productivity“ Atsushi Ohyama / Ryo Kitagawa / Nobuko Hori “Does the Use of Data and AI Improve the Level of Productivity and Stimulate Innovation Activities?“ Tagui Ichikawa “Digital Innovation of Governments for Productivity Growth“ Yasushi Hara / Hiroyuki Nakazono / Tomomi Imagawa “Are We Pretender of Digitalization?: Towards a New Management Using Telework and Digital Transformation“ Akie Nakamura “Why Have Japanese Employees Accepted Low Wages?: Decline and Resurgence of the Voice Mechanism“ Fumio Sato “Career Strategy for Meaningful Work throughout Your Life“ Yasuhiro Hattori “In Search of Star Employees in Japanese Companies“ Ikujiro Nonaka / Yumiko Kawada
Yamada, Akira  Visiting Researcher Visiting Researcher, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University (2021.4.1-2022.3.31) Professor, Sapporo University 【Recent Research Themes】 Mechanizm design for innovation
Kazuhara, Kristina  Visiting Researcher Visiting Researcher, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University (2021.4.6-2021.8.6) Teaching Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen 【Recent Research Themes】 Strategic processes from a micro and team level perspective, focusing on the impact of individual cultural and linguistic skills for knowledge sharing and innovation
LEE, Hyo Yun Postdoctoral Fellow International Relations, Hospitality ManagementE-mail: h.lee☆ (to use this email address, please replace the ☆ with an @ mark)Fax: +81-42-580-8410【Career】2015    M.A., School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University2019    Ph.D., Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University2019-present  Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,          Saitamagakuen University2020    Completion, Innovation Management and Policy Program, Hitotsubashi University2020    Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotstubashi University2021-present  Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University【Recent Research Themes】Mechanism of national brand image formationHospitality management innovation【Publications】Lee, H., (2021), Evaluation of foreigners visiting Japan regarding Japan's national brand image: Focusing on social and personal evaluation, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, vol.27. (Scheduled to be published in May, in Japanese)Lee, H., (2020), A Study on Information Routes and National Brand Image of Foreigners Visiting Japan, Bulletin of Saitama Gakuen University. Faculty of Economics and Business (20), 141-151. (in Japanese)Lee, H., (2020), Changes in the Evaluation of Japan’s National Brand Image Due to Human Interaction, The Hitotsubashi journal
Taniguchi, Ryo Postdoctoral Fellow Organizational theory Born: 1989E-mail: taniguchi☆        (to use this email address, please replace the ☆ with an @ mark)【Career】2012      B.A., Faculty of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University2014      M.A., Graduate School of Commerce and Management,         Hitotsubashi University2017      Ph.D., Graduate School of Commerce and Management,         Hitotsubashi University2017-2019  Adjunct Research Associate, Institute of Innovation Research,      Hitotsubashi University2019-2021  Junior Researcher, Waseda Innovation Laboratory,      Waseda University2021-present Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Innovation Research,      Hitotsubashi University【Recent Research Themes】Team CreativityLearning from failures in creative tasksMentoring relationships and innovation【Publications】Taniguchi, R. (2020). Effects of legitimacy acquisition strategies on the process of resource utilization. Hitotsubashi Review of Commerce and Management, 15(2), 59-72. (in Japanese)Taniguchi, R. & Yamaguchi, S. (2019). Combinations of memberships and issues in category dynamics. Paper accepted for a presentation at the EGOS and Organization Studies Kyoto Workshop 2019, Dec.2019.Taniguchi, R. (2018). Resource Mobilization by “Strange Bedfellows”: A Case Study of “Biomass Nippon Strategy.” Proceedings of PICMET’18 Conference: Portland International Center for
Professor Yaichi Aoshima received Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management Award. Organization: The Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management Award: Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management Award Date: October 31, 2020 Award Winner: Professor Yaichi AOSHIMA (with Professor Kazunari MATSUSHIMA (Tokyo Woman’s Christian University) and Naoki TAKADA (Yokohama National University)) Article Title: “Influences by Involvement of Supported and Supporting Organizations on Publicly Supported Private-sector R&D Projects” Abstract: This paper explored the factors leading to the success of publicly-funded private R&D projects by analyzing survey data obtained from 506 projects supported by NEDO (New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization). We particularly examined how involvement of both the funded firm and the funding organization in the project affects the project’s commercialization performance. Our analyses showed that the project with higher strategic importance and stronger executive’s involvement tended to be successful since it enabled the project to effectively leverage company’s internal resources. On the other hand,
Topic: “Visualizing Taste: How Business Changed the Look of What You Eat” Speaker: Ai Hisano (Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University) Date: January 20th (Wednesday) 2021 from 13:00 to 14:30 Venue: Zoom online Organizer: Masaru Karube Deadline: 9:00, January 20, 2021 Innovation Forum
Professor Min Yong-Ki of Sungkyunkwan University, Professor Lee Sang-gun of Sogang Business School(Visiting Professor from Dec. 2017 to Mar. 2018 at IIR)and Professor Yaichi Aoshima of IIR were chosen as the winners of the 2020 ‘Highly Commended Paper Award’ by Emerald Publishing in the U.K. Emerald Publishing, a British publisher, annually grants the 'Emerald Paper Prize' to world researchers producing distinguished papers. Organization: Emerald Publishing Award: Emerald Literati Awards for Excellence 2020 Date: December 2020 Award Winner: Professors Yong-Ki Min, Sang-Gun Lee and Yaichi Aoshima Article Title: “A Comparative Study on Industrial Spillover Effects among Korea, China, the USA, Germany and Japan,” Industrial Management & Data Systems, Vol. 119, Issue 3, April 2019, pp. 454 - 472 Starting from industry 4.0 in Germany and followed by the New Strategy for American Innovation in the USA and the smartization strategy in Japan, developed countries are pushing nation-wide innovation strategies. Similarly, China is pursuing the Made in China 2025, and Korea