Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research


Business Review Vol.69 No.2 AUT. 2021

Vol.69 No.2 AUT. 2021 (In Japanese) A leading management journal in Japanese,which builds a bridge between theory and practice. EDITED BYHitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation ResearchPUBLISHED BYToyo Keizai Inc. Rejuvenation of Science and Technology Research in Japan Shinichi Kobayashi / Eriko fukumoto“The Endless Overcontrol and Overadaptation: Consequences of National University Reform in Japan“ Hiroshi Maruyama“Academia and Society: Closing the Gap“ Keita Nakazawa“Challenges in Japanese Research Universities and Initiatives to Strengthen Research Capability“ Takahiro Endo“Beyond Resource Dependence: Frontline Researchers at Research-Intensive Universities“ Simon Kerridge“Research Management and Administration: A Profession?“Hideto Koizumi / Makoto Kadowaki / Yuki Teramoto / Yasushi Hara / Yaichi Aoshima / Manabu Eto“A Dangerous Catecholamines?: Competitive Grant Reliance and…