Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research

Forum 2024

●Forum 2024 2024.5.15Paul Jensen(Professor, University of Melbourne)”The effect of university-industry collaboration subsidies on firm performance” 2024.4.25Hee-Chan Song(Assistant Professor, Chulalongkorn University, Thailand)”Doing and writing qualitative study: A case of Buddhist temples” 2024.4.24①Dong-hyu Kim(Senior Lecturer, University of Glasgow)”Effects of Standards on Patents and Strategic Approach to Technical Standardisation” ②Yuheng Ding (Economist, World Bank)“Mega Firms and Recent Trends in the U.S. Innovation: Empirical Evidence from the U.S. Patent Data” 2024.4.19Emilene Leite(Senior Lecturer, Örebro University, Sweden)”Global versus local CSR strategies to re(gain) legitimacy after a socio-ecological disaster: The case of Vale’ in Brumadinho (Brazil)”

Forum 2023

●Forum 2023 2023.12.14 Ramya K Murthy (Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Management Bangalore) ”Digital Platform Ecosystem Design: A Configurational Approach to Understanding Heterogeneity in Platform Meta-Organizations” 2023.11.15 Israr Qureshi (Professor, The Research School of Management, Australian National University) ”Digitally Enabled Social Intermediation: A Research Framework” 2023.10.25 Thomas Åstebro (Professor, HEC Paris and KU Leuven) ”Death and Turmoil in R&D Teams” 2023.7.4 Yoichi Matsumoto (Associate Professor, Faculty of Business and Commerce, Keio University) ”Internal Redeployment Versus External Recruitment of Inventors” 2023.6.7 Anoop Madhok (Professor, York University) ”Value creation in corporate-startup alliance portfolios: The attention-based view” 2023.4.12 Nadine Scholz (PhD Student in Corporate Entrepreneurship & Innovation, King’s College London) ”Looking for allies:…

Brown bag lunch seminar 2024

●Brown bag lunch seminar 2024 #002  2024.4.25Sandra Hasanefendic(Group founder Breakthrough Tech Innovation, Assistant Professor in Breakthrough Technology,Faculty of Science, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands)”Smarter wellbeing: how to upscale breakthrough technologies for the environmental and societal good” #001  2024.4.4Hideto Koizumi(Fellow, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)”How Much of Merit Is Due to Luck? Evidence on the Butterfly Effect of Luck”

Brown bag lunch seminar 2023

●Brown bag lunch seminar 2023 #009  2023.11.15 Lee, Kidong (Professor, Incheon National University/ Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University) ”Transformation of the Automobile Industries on Societal Impacts -Inroads of Self-Driving Machines” #008  2023.10.4 Emre Yildiz (Associate Professor, Mälardalen University, Sweden) ”Reconsidering Distance in International Business Research” #007  2023.9.20 Savu Rovanto (Assistant Professor, Hitotsubashi Institute for Advanced Study) ”Sustaining circular economy entrepreneurship at small businesses in China, Japan and Finland” #006  2023.9.13 Ilir Haxhi (Associate Professor of Strategy & International Business, Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam) ”Conflicts between Firms and Communities: A Configurational” #005  2023.7.12 Kristina Kazuhara (Associate Professor, Copenhagen University / PhD Fellow, Copenhagen Business School) ”Metaphorical Translation…

Brown bag lunch seminar 2022

●Brown bag lunch seminar 2022 #003  2023.3.22 Rudi Bekkers (Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology) ”From open warfare to strawman’s anonymity: Motives and strategies behind patent opposition at EPO” #002  2022.8.31 Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi (Assistant Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ”Industry experience and post-doctoral academic performance” #001  2022.4.6 Byeongwoo Kang (Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ”Same knowledge input and same knowledge output: A mechanism of similar knowledge creation”

Forum 2022

●Forum 2022 2022.12.14 Martin Hemmert (Professor, Korea University Business School) ”A Conservation of Resources Perspective on Analyzing Founders’ Emotional Support: Performance Implications for East Asian New Ventures” 2022.10.26 Alberto Galasso (Professor, University of Toronto) ”Licensing Life-Saving Drugs for Developing Countries: Evidence from the Medicines Patent Pool” 2022.7.15 Alex Preda (Professor of Professions, Markets and Technology, King’s College London) ”Bonding Expertise: The Trading Zones of Software Development in FinTech Collaborations”

Brown bag lunch seminar 2021

●Brown bag lunch seminar 2021 #003  2021.7.21 Marc Chataigner (Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University) ”Speculating good companies. A discourse analysis of the role of peer-to-peer hospitality micro-entrepreneurs” #002  2021.7.7 Kristina Kazuhara (Ph.D. Fellow, Copenhagen Business School / Teaching Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen) ”Metaphorical Translations – A Process Study of a Strategic Initiative at Novo Nordisk in Japan”

Forum 2021

●Forum 2021 2021.9.1 Avimanyu (Avi) Datta (Professor, Strategy and Entrepreneurship and George R & Martha Means Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, Illinois State University) ”Strategic Renewal of Hollywood Movies by TMT as Agents of Change: The Impact of Change in TMT and Narrative Transformation on Franchise Performance”

Forum 2020

●Forum 2020 2021.1.20 Ai Hisano (Senior Lecturer, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University) ”Visualizing Taste: How Business Changed the Look of What You Eat”

Brown bag lunch seminar 2020

●Brown bag lunch seminar 2020 #002  2020.9.16 Kentaro Nakajima (Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ”The role of online communication on innovation” #001  2020.6.3 Takumi Tagashira (Assistant Professor of Marketing, School of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University Business School) ”How Does Warehouse Automation Contribute to Multichannel Retailers’ Sales?”