Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research

Forum 2010

●Forum 2010 2011.3.7 Isamu Hanyu and Satoshi Takechi and Koji Nozaki (General Manager, Technology Research, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited / Manager, Intellectual Property Unit, Standardization Promotion Department, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited / Research Fellow, Device & Materials Laboratories, Fujitsu Laboratories Limited) “Technical Innovation in ArF Resist Material for LSI Production to 90nm-Era and Beyond” (G-COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases) 2011.2.4 Csonka Laszlo (Research Fellow, IKU, Innovation Research Centre, Financial Research Corp.) “R&D and Innovation Networks in the Hungarian Automotive Industry” 2011.1.28 Shigeto Hatanaka (General Manager, Fuel Research Laboratory Research & Development Division, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation) “Development and Practical Application of Manufacturing Technology for Sulfur-Free Fuels” (G-COE Research…

Workshop 2010 – present

●Workshop 2010 – present 2020.3.7 食のイノベーション mini workshop 2017.2.23 Workshop on Innovation in Digital Industries 2015.9.11 – 9.13 NUS-IIR Workshop on Innovation 2015.3.7 Workshop on the Disclosure Function of the Patent System 2014.11.16 Workshop on Knowledge, IPRs and Innovation 2014.8.1 International Workshop on Patent System Design for Innovation 2014.3.17 International Workshop on Science Sources of Innovation 2013.10.1 International Research Workshop on Science-based Innovation 2013.9.26 Incentives and Knowledge for Pharmaceutical Innovation: Industry-University-Government Collaborative Workshop 2013.6.29 2013 International Workshop on Innovations and IPRs 2013.3.18 Research Workshop on Innovation Process 2012.10.16 Research workshop on “IPRs and standard for innovation: Institutional design” 2012.3.16 International Workshop on Measuring and Managing Innovation 2011.6.23 Japan-US Workshop on…

Other Seminars 2010 – present

●Other Seminars 2010 – present 2023.12.1 AAOS (The Academic Association for Organizational Science) Online Seminar Gazi Islam, Ph.D. (Professor, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Business Ethics) “Management Research and Social Value”

Symposium 2010 – present

●Symposium 2010 – present 2023.2.17 改めて日本の競争力を問う:どうすれば勝てるのか?ソーシャル・イノベーション・セミナー 2022.3.9 ジャパンハート𠮷岡秀人氏登壇  ソーシャル・イノベーション・セミナ 2022.3.7 オンラインシンポジウム 「企業ミクロデータを用いた経済・企業分析の最前線」 2019.5.16 International Symposium “SSE and Hitotsubashi Joint Symposium on Innovation Ecosystem -A Key to Successful Innovation: Lessons from Swedish and Japanese Start-up Practices-” 2017.3.9 International Symposium “Female Entrepreneurs Unlocking the Future” 2016.11.10 International Symposium “Social Inclusion: Experiences from Bangladesh (featuring former Governor of Bangladesh Central Bank)” 2015.2.27 Symposium: Innovation Power of Small Countries 2015.3.31 グローバル・オープ ン・イノベーション・フォーラム2015 2015.3.19 医薬バイオ産業イノベーション2015.3.19 2015.2.27 国際シンポジウム「小さくても強い国のイノベーション力」 2013.3.15 Symposium of university-industry-government collaborative research on innovation process 2011.5.3 – 5.4 Program for Second Asia – Pacific Innovation Conference