Brown bag lunch seminar 2023.9.13 Ilir Haxhi

Brown bag lunch seminar 2023.9.13 Ilir Haxhi

“Conflicts between Firms and Communities: A Configurational”

Ilir Haxhi
(Associate Professor of Strategy & International Business,
Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam)

September 13 (Wednesday), 2023
from 12:40 to 14:00

IIR Meeting Space (Room#216) of the second floor of the IIR building (onsite)

Masaru Karube

This forum is jointly organized by MIC (Management Innovation Research Center), Hitotsubashi University.

We explore the intensity of conflicts between firms and their external stakeholders, uncovering the so-far understudied inter-relationships between stakeholders as a key driver of conflict intensity. Grounding our reasoning in stakeholder theory, we develop a configurational approach that explains the interdependent impact of the three sectors of society on conflict intensity. Specifically, we argue that determinants of firms (foreign and/or domestic), civil society (rural versus urban; local stakeholder diversity; international non-profits), and governments (rule of law and economic dependence) interdependently lead to higher or lower conflict intensity. We follow the fuzzy sets (fs/QCA) logic to uncover these patterns through the analysis of a database of 711 socio-environmental extractive industry conflicts in 92 countries. Our results show that no sector-based determinant can explain firm-stakeholder conflict intensity on its own, but that the various sectors must be analyzed together to explain conflict intensity. We find 23 distinct configurations of firm-stakeholder conflicts that can be grouped into eight broad conflict prototypes: six always associated with higher conflict intensity; one always associated with lower intensity; and one associated with either higher or lower intensity, depending on one particular determinant: international non-profits. We conclude with a discussion of our contributions, and managerial and policy implications.
Keywords: Conflicts – Firms – Communities – Extractive industries – Fuzzy-set/QCA

9:00, September 13, 2023

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