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IV. Research Results / PublicationsIIR has been developing visual materials for education in management of technology and innovation. IIR VideoLibrary has been opened to lend out these materials. The Library currently consists of two series: (1) MOTV “TheCentury of Innovation” and (2) MOT Video Case. ■ MOTV    1. “The Century of Innovation: American History”(1) “The Telephone.” Simon & Goodman Picture Company/WGBH, Boston, 1997 (51minutes)(2) “Empire of the Air: The Men Who Made Radio.” Florentine Film/WETA, Washington, 1991 (55 minutes/58 minutes)(3) “Wizard of Photography.” Green Light Productions/WGBH, Boston, 2000 (52 minutes)(4) “Transistorized!” ScienCentral/KTCA, 1999 (57minutes)(5) “Silicon Valley: 2001.” Santa Clara Valley Historical Association/OPB, Oregon, 2000 (55 minutes)(6)  “Triumph of the Nerds.”…

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