Innovation Forum 2019.11.18 Mariko Sakakibara Topic: “Do Pre-Announcement Face-to-Face Interactions Increase the Returns to Acquisitions? Evidence from Smartphone Geolocational Data” Speaker: Mariko Sakakibara (UCLA, Anderson School of Management) Date: November 18th (Monday) 2019 from 12:40 to 14:10 Place: IIR Laboratory 2 (Room#219) of the second floor of the IIR building Her target audience is management scholars Organizer: Atsushi Ohyama
Notice of Seminar CANCELLATION We are sorry to announce that the IIR Brown Bag Lunch Seminar on January 29th (Takuma KOCHIYAMA) is cancelled. Topic: “Unnatural Selection of Outside Directors: Consequences of Japanese Corporate Governance Reforms” Speaker: Takuma Kochiyama (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University) Date: January 29th (Wednesday) 2020 from 12:40 to 13:30 Place: IIR Meeting Space (Room#216) of the second floor of the IIR building Organizer: Masaru Karube Deadline: 9:00, January 29 , 2020
Research Profile  Michael Cusumano Visiting Professor,Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University (2019.11.1-2020.1.31)Professor, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology【Recent Research Themes】Innovation Platforms
Innovation Forum 2019.11.13 Wong Chan Yuan Topic:“Regional Innovation in Marshallian Perspective: Dynamics Commonalities in Inventive Growth”Speaker:Wong Chan Yuan(Assistant Professor, Institute of Technology Management, National Tsing Hua University)Date:November 13th (Wednesday) 2019from 17:00 to 18:30Place:IIR Laboratory 2 (Room#219) of the second floor of the IIR buildingOrganizer:Tohru Yoshioka-KobayashiAbstract:Marshallian network of is commonly designated to a region that inherit social capital that enable local firms to diffuse knowledge and mobilise capitals for desired industrial activities. This paper attempts to examine the dynamics of Marshallian network via selected patenting related indexes that are derived from various studies. We are interested in examining the dynamics of two acknowledged industrial regions in Asia, Hsinchu of Taiwan and Suwon of South Korea. Our assessment revealed four aspects of Marshallian dynamic, they are endogeneity dynamics, expansion, linkages and novelty. The selected regions manifested high cumulative capabilities but witnessed contrasting performance in some indexes
Brown bag lunch seminar 2019.10.16 James Routledge Topic: “Investor Stewardship Code Compliance and Investee Earnings Quality: Evidence from Japan” Speaker: James Routledge (Professor, Graduate School of Business Administration, Department of Business Administration, Hitotsubashi University) Date: October 16th (Wednesday) 2019 from 12:40 to 13:30 Place: IIR Meeting Space (Room#216) of the second floor of the IIR building Organizer: Masaru Karube Deadline: 9:00, October 16 , 2019 IIR Brown bag lunch seminar
March 18, 2022Introduction to Management Theories, by Yaichi AOSHIMA July 21, 2021Lodestar of Standardization, by Manabu ETO March 26, 2021How to write high quality papers, by Yaichi AOSHIMA August 30, 2019Mechanisms for the Long-term Innovation, by Yaichi AOSHIMA April 12, 2019Economics of Innovation and Marketing, by Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi September 10, 2018Konosuke Matsushita, by Seiichiro YONEKURA December 19, 2017Community Capital: The Secrets of Longterm Prosperity of Ohmi Merchants, Wenzhou Firms, and Toyota October 27, 2017Introduction to Innovation Management (2nd edition) April 28, 2017Creative Response: Entrepreneurial History of Modern Japan, by Seiichiro YONEKURA April 24, 2017Engagement and Trespassing: Logic of Managerial Reform in Japan, by Masaru KARUBE March 10, 2017Hitotsubashi Business Review, Spring 2017 Issue Innovation Research Frontier for the Next 20 Years August 1, 2016Standardization Textbook: Knowledge of Standardization That Is Connecting the World, by Manabu ETO March 30, 2016Innovations in General Purpose Technology, by Hitoshi SHIMIZU >>Books published before February 2016
Innovation Forum 2019.10.11 Workshop for Ph.D. and early-career researchersWorkshop Title:“Workshop for Ph.D. and early-career researchers”Commentators:Prof. Richard Delbridge(University Dean of Research, Innovation and Enterprise,   Professor of Organizational Analysis, Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University)Prof. Markus Helfen(Professor of Human Resource Management & Employment Relations,   University of Innsbruck School of Management)Date:October 11th (Friday)  2019from 13:00 to 17:00Place: Conference Room 1 (Room#3403), 4th Floor, Mercury Tower, Kunitachi East Campus, Hitotsubashi UniversityOrganizer: Toshihiko Kato Abstract:This workshop aims to provide opportunities for PhD students and early career researchers to present their works in front of leading researchers in organization studies and HRM. Please contact Takahiro Endo ( by the end of September 2019, if you are interested to present your work. The format for each session will be 15-20 minutes presentation followed by 15-20 minutes discussion (depending on the number of presenters). This forum is jointly organized by MIC (Management Innovation Research Center),  Hitotsubashi University.
Vol.67 No.2 AUT. 2019 (In Japanese) A leading management journal in Japanese,which builds a bridge between theory and practice.EDITED BYHitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation ResearchPUBLISHED BYToyo Keizai Inc.Foresight and Corporate ManagementNaohiro Shichijo“Government Foresight Activities in Foreign Countries“Akihisa Yahata / Yuichi Washida“A Study on the Accuracy of the Scenarios Created by the Horizon Scanning Method“Yasunori Tokiyoshi / Keigo Awata“Application of Foresight Methodology to Establish Corporate Vision“Naoaki Kitta / Keigo Awata“A Historical View of Corporate Foresight in Global Companies“Shigeki Saito / Yuki Taoka“Engineering Design and Foresight“Kazuhiro Kojima / Kohtaro Ohba“AIST Design School and Learning by Foresight :Practice and Challenge of Design School“Fumihiro Kajikawa / Kaori Nemoto / Yuichi Washida“Utilizing 'Future Chronology' as a New Method of Policy Making“ ●Brand Management by All Stakeholders (3)  Satoko Suzuki ●Business Cases  Satoko Suzuki / Naoko Nogamoto “Néstle Japan : Mass Brand KitKat's Premiumization Strategy“  Masaru Karube / Shinya Kobayashi / Rino Onodera / Gao Ryuijia “Mamasquare: How Stay-at-home Moms can Play the Leading Role in Society“  ●Management Forum  Hiroki Kitagawa /
Institute of Innovation Research has been holding the IIR Summer School every year since 2010. The memorable 10th Summer School was held at Sano-Shoin Hall, Hitotsubashi University on August 22, 2019. The purpose of this summer school is to promote innovation research by building researcher networks, offering a place for presenting the latest research results, and supporting young researchers. This year, we invited five research presenters from abroad and a total of 10 presentations were made (2 were in Japanese and 8 in English). The Best Presentation Award was awarded to Yuki Higuchi, Associate Professor of Nagoya City University. The title of his presentation was “Management and Innovation: Evidence from Randomized Experiments and Repeated Surveys in Vietnam” The participants were wide ranging from graduate students to researchers and business practitioners. We thank them all for their participation. The program of the 10th IIR Summer School can be accessed from below.
Innovation Forum 2019.9.9 Youngjin YOOTopic:“Digital First: The Ontological Reversal and New Challenges for IS Research”Speaker:Youngjin YOO(Professor, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University)Date:September 9th (Monday)  2019from 16:00 to 17:30Place: IIR Laboratory 2 (Room#219) of the second floor of the IIR buildingOrganizer: Yaichi Aoshima Abstract:The classical view of an information system is that it represents and reflects physical reality. We suggest this classical view is increasingly obsolete: digital technologies are now creating and shaping physical reality. We call this phenomenon the ontological reversal. The ontological reversal is where the digital version is created first, and the physical version second (if needed). This ontological reversal challenges us to think about the role of humans and technology in society.It also challenges us to think about our role as IS scholars in this digital worldand what it means for our research agendas.