Business Review Vol.70 No.3 WIN. 2022

Vol.70 No.3 WIN. 2022 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Revisiting “Design” as an Essential Concept of Business Management

Kazufumi Nagai
“Fundamentals of Design: A Linkage between the Stone Age and the Age of Design-driven Management“

Shunji Yamanaka
“A Transition of Boundaries of Design

Yasufumi Morinaga
“Perceived by Retina or Grasped by Brain?: How to Understand ‘Management by Design’

Fumie Shibata
“What the Term ‘Design’ Means? From the Perspective of a Product Designer

Masatoki Toyama
“Design Thinking in the Public Sector: Insights from Design-driven Management Project in Japan Patent Office“

Koji Kimita
“Service Design and Management in Manufacturing Companies“

Nanami Furue
“The Popularization of Industrial Design and the Evolving Marketing“

●New Market Creation through Effectuation (3)
 Mari Yoshida

●Managerial Insights from Innovation Management Studies (8)
 Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi

●Entrepreneurs Who Change the World (13)
  Tetsuo Yasaka
  Interviewed by Yaichi Aoshima / Masatoshi Fujiwara

 ●Business Cases
  Atsushi Minami / Eriko Kijima / Shotaro Uchida / Eiji Sato / Shintaro Sawamura / Kazuaki Mori / Yaichi Aoshima
 “Asahi Shuzo

  Atsushi Akiike / Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi / Takatoshi Murayama
 “Log-house series “BESS” (RC Core, Co. Ltd.): A house makes you original

●From My Bookshelf
  Ken Sakai

●Management Forum
  Kazuo Tanaka
(CEO, GK Design Group, Inc.)
  Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura / Tohru Yoshioka-Kobayashi