A Cooperative Symposium, "21st Century Innovation Systems for Japan and the United States: Lessons from a Decade of Change" (January 10, 2006-January 11, 2006)Organized byThe National Institute of Science and Technology PolicyMinistry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, JapanandThe Board of Science, Technology, and Economic PolicyU.S. National Academiesin collaboration withInstitute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University, JapanPreliminary ProgramJanuary 10-11, 2006Mita KaigishoTokyo, JapanNational Institute of Science and Technology PolicyDay 1: January 10, 20069:30 AM Welcome  Introduction: Takashi Inutsuka, Director, Planning Division, NISTEP  Motohide Konaka, Director General, NISTEP9:45 AM Opening Addresses Chair: Terutaka Kuwahara, Deputy Director General, NISTEP  Challenges in the U.S. Innovation System  Donald Manzullo, United States House of Representatives  Evolution and Challenges to the Innovation Systems in Japan  Taizo Yakushiji, Member, The Council for Science and Technology, and Visiting Professor,Keio University11:15 AM Panel I: Government’s Evolving Role in Supporting Corporate R&D—U.S. and Japanese Models   Moderator: Alice Amsden, Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology  Technology policies in Japan; 1990~   Akira Goto, Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology
International Workshop on the Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights Date: June 26 SundayPlace: Seminar room on the second floor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi UniversityFax 042-580-8410, Tel 042-580-8431 ( Room opens at 9:30 and coffee offeredTime allocation: 30 minutes presentations in English, 5 to 10 minutes by each discussant and 25to 20 minutes general discussions in English or in Japanese)Morning session (Presentations in English, Discussions in English or in Japanese)Chair  Professor Yoshiyuki Tamura, Hokkaido University10:00-11:00Ⅰ. Economic analysis of IP exhaustionDr. Peter Ganea (Max-Planck Institute and Visiting Professor to IIR)Discussant Eiichi Tomiura, Professor, Department of Economics, YokohamaNational University11:00-12:00Ⅱ. Efficient appropriation of R&D investments and the exhaustion principleProfessor Sadao Nagaoka (Hitotsubashi University)   Discussant  Yoshio Ohara, , Emeritus Prof. at Kobe University, MinervaPatent-Law Office12:00-13:00III.  “Exhaustion and trade between developed and developing countries:China as an Example”Professor Xiang Yu (余 翔) (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) Discussant  Yamane, Hiroko  Professor, National Graduate Institute for PolicyStudiesLunch (Bento served)Afternoon session (Presentations in Japanese, Discussions in English or
Conference on IT Innovation 2004.12.13-12.14■Conference on IT InnovationDate: December 13th abd 14th 2004renVenue: Sano-Shoin Hall at Hitotsubashi University, Kunitachi, Tokyo, JapanSupported by the Japan Patent Office 2004.12.13  IPR, Standards and Competition Policy for Cumulative Innovation  9:15 Welcoming remark: Sadao Nagaoka (Hitotsubashi University)An Address: Kunihiko Shimano (Director of Academic I.P. Advancement Office,         General Affairs Department, Japan Patent Office)Session #1: IPR and standards  Chair: Hideshi Itoh ( Hitotsubashi University)9:30 to 10:45: Lead paper "Digital Rights Management and the Pricing of Digital Products"  Suzanne Scotchmer (University of California, Berkeley)  Discussant: Kazuharu Kiyono (Waseda University)11:00 to 12:00: "Coalition formation for a consortium standard through a standard body and a            patent pool: theory and some evidence from MPEG, DVD and 3G standard"  Reiko Aoki (Hitotsubashi University) and Sadao Nagaoka (Hitotsubashi University)  Discussant: Suzanne Scotchmer (University of California, Berkeley)12:00 to 13:00: "Emergence of essential patents in technical standards: implications of the            continuation and divisional application systems and the written description            requirement"  Masayoshi Omachi (Hitotsubashi University)  Discussant: John Walsh (University of Illinois at Chicago)  Session # 2: IPR and competition  Chair: Sadao Nagaoka (Hitotsubashi University)14:00 to
TOKYO MOBILE ROUNDTABLE■MOBILE ROUNDTABLEThe Mobile Roundtable is a series of international conferences on mobile communication and computing, organized by a group of researchers around the world (the Mobile Roundtable Committee). The objectives of the Mobile Roundtable are to:・Build and support a sustainable international network of researchers to study the mobilecommunication and computing business, market, and industry・Exchange research results and views・Facilitate communication, interactions, and collaborations among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers around the world The first Mobile Roundtable will be held in Tokyo, Japan in May 2002, followed by the second in Stockholm, Sweden in May 2003 and the third in Austin, Texas, U.S.A. in 2004. Preparatory discussions were made at the Seamless Mobility Workshop in Stockholm in September 2001, organized by the Stockholm School of Economics and Stockholm University and the Royal Institute of Technology.■BACKGROUNDAs we enter the 21st century, our economic system is undergoing some radical changes, including the creation of new products, services, and businesses driven by rapidly advancing information and communication
International Workshop on Social Sciences and Innovation 2000.11.29-12.2 2000.11.29 ・"Challenges to the Social Sciences in the New Millennium"by Dr. Nathan ROSENBERG (Professor, Stanford University, USA) 2000.11.30 ・Plenary session 1: Promoting InnovationChair: Dr. Seiichiro YONEKURA (IIR)Presentation #1: Dr. Ikujiro NONAKA (Professor, Hitotsubashi University,Japan)Developing Unified, Dynamic Knowledge Management SystemsPresentation #2: Dr. Martin KENNEY (Professor, University of California at Davis, USA)Social Sciences and the Innovative Capacity of the FirmPresentation #3: Dr. M.G.K. MENON (former Minister of Science and technology, India)Innovation- Its Characteristics, Promotion and Policy Frameworks Needed for ThisShort panel discussion 1:Panelists: Speakers of presentation #1, #2 and #3Chair: Dr. Seiichiro YONEKURA (IIR) ・Plenary session 2: Innovation, Science and SocietyChair: Dr. Hans van GINKEL (UNU)Presentation #4:Prof. Yoichiro MURAKAMI (Professor, International Christian University, Japan)Scientific Innovation and Societal Change: A Historical PerspectivePresentation #5: Dr. Thierry GAUDIN (President, Prospective 2100, France)Innovation Policies as a Substitute for Failing Economic PoliciesPresentation #5: Dr. Hiroyuki YOSHIKAWA (President, University of the Air, Japan)The Role of Social Science in Raising Public Understanding of Scientific and Technological InnovationShort
International Symposium on Innovation and PatentsTheme: 'Exploring the Optimal Design of the Patent System for the 21st Century'Organiser: The Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi UniversityDate: 12 February ~ 13 February 1999Place: Kunitachi, Tokyo (Sano-shoin Hall, Hitotsubashi University)Session I: Economic Analysis of Innovation and PatentsChairperson: Kotaro Suzumura, Hitotsubashi University 1. Innovation and the Patent SystemRichard Nelson, Columbia UniversityDiscussant: Hiroyuki Odagiri, Hitotsubashi University 2. Incremental Innovation and the Patent SystemSuzanne Scotchmer, University of California-BerkeleyDiscussant: Sadao Nagaoka, Hitotsubashi University 3.Appropriability and PatentsWesley Cohen, Carnegie-Mellon UniversityAkira Goto, Hitotsubashi UniversityAkiya Nagata, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and TechnologyRichard Nelson, Columbia UniversityJohn Walsh, University of Illinois at ChicagoDiscussant : David Mowery, University of California-Berkeley Session II: The Patent System in Japan, the U.S.A and EuropeChairperson : Wesley Cohen, Carnegie-Mellon University 4.Recent Trends of the Japanese Patent SystemNobuo Sasaki, Japanese Patent OfficeDiscussant: Stephen Merrill, National Academy of Sciences 5.The Current State of the U.S. Patent SystemStephen Merrill, National Academy of SciencesDiscussant: Hidetaka Aizawa, Waseda University 6. Lessons from Pro-patent PolicyRonald Gilson, Columbia UniversityDiscussant :
Enterprise InnovationManagement Forum for Innovative value-creationThis forum, with participants from industry, government and university, addressed the theme of innovation and value creation in business organizations amid a rapidly-changing social environment in which conventional management values are being discarded. There was joint examination with business leaders of recent research cases, and distribution of the findings via the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) and the Nikkei Shimbun. ■ Programme(22th February 1999) 1. Greeting by the Sponsor 2. Key Lectures'Knowledge Revolution in Japanese Companies'Ikujiro Nonaka, Professor, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Hokuriku'Towards the Exciting Management Revolution'Seiichiro Yonekura, Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University 3. Panel Discussion- 'Customers, Information, Innovation: Challenges for the 21st Century'1st Case Study - 'Asahi Breweries, Ltd.'2nd Case Study - 'Housing Group, Asahi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd.'3rd Case Study - 'Yamasa Corporation'Akira Goto, Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi UniversityKen Kusunoki, Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi UniversityHyungoh Lee, Assistant Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi UniversityJunji Miyahara, Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi UniversityAkira Takeishi, Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi UniversitySeiichiro Yonekura, Professor,