Forum 2008.04-2009.03

26 March, 2009 Jinyoung Kim(Professor, Department of Economics, Korea University and Research Associate, Center of Excellence on Human Capital, Technology Transfer, and Economic Growth and Development, SUNY at Buffalo
‘International Knowledge Flows: Evidence from an Inventor-Firm Matched Data Set
18 March, 2009Cornelia Storz(Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University
‘How do new industries emerge? The case of Japan’s game software and biotech industry
18 March, 2009Nobuyuki Hanaki 
(Doctoral Program in Economics, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba) 
Complexity, Uncertainty, and Organizational Congruency (joint with Hideo Owan)
5 March, 2009Takayoshi Mamine(Project Professor, Collaborative Research Development, Division of University Corporate Relations, The University of Tokyo
‘The Development of MOCVD: Mass Production of Compound Semiconductor Devices
(GCOE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
23 February, 2009Ulrike Schaede(Professor, University of California at San Diego
The Demise of the Main Bank as a Last Resort: Changes in Corporate Restructuring in Japan, 1981-2007′ (this paper is co-authored with Takeo Hoshi and Satoshi Koibuchi)
4 February, 2009Hiroyoshi Kimura(President, Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.)
Toshitake Kanno
(Director/R&D department director, Kimura Chuzosho Co., Ltd.

Development of Innovative Full Mold Casting System with Utilizing Information Technology
as a Core’
(GCOE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
13 January, 2009Matthias Kipping(Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University(Canada)
Management Consultants as a Systemic Risk: McKinsey @ Enron’
18 December, 2008Genichi Hatakoshi(Fellow, Toshiba Research Consulting Corp. / Fellow, Center for Research and
Development Strategy, Japan Science and Technology Agency

Development of 0.6μm-Band Visible Laser Diodes’(GCOE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
5 December, 2008Esther van Zimmeren(Invited Researcher at the Institute of Intellectual Property, Tokyo and Research Fellow at the Center for Intellectual Property Rights, University of Leuven
Open Innovation in Medical Biotechnology in Europe ‘
5 December, 2008Guido Cozzi(Professor, Bonar-MacFie Chair of Political Economy, University of Glasgow
Privatization of Knowledge: Did the U.S. Get It Right? ‘
7 November, 2008Takahiro Oshita(President, Ebara Research Co., Ltd.
Development of Internally Circulating Fluidized-bed Technology’(GCOE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
29 October, 2008Clair Brown(Professor, Economics and Director, Center for Work, Technology, and Society,
University of California, Berkeley

Semiconductor industry from global perspective’
24 October, 2008Wim Vanhaverbeke(Professor, Strategy & Organisation at the Hasselt University (Belgium) in the Department
of Business Studies

Future research in open innovation’
7 October, 2008Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood(Professor, School of Business, National University of Singapore
Hub or federation? Network centralization and business group performance’
17 September, 2008Jed De Varo(The Wang Family Professor, College of Business and Economics, California State University, East Bay
‘Internal Promotion and External Recruitment: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis’ 
with Hodaka Morita
1 September, 2008Kirankumar Momaya(Associate Professor, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi/Visiting Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University
‘Cooperative Strategies for Innovation: Exploring Contexts and Concepts’