Professor Yaichi Aoshima and Associate Professor Masaru Karube of the Institute of Innovation Research have received the 55th Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science for their book. Every year the prize is awarded to outstanding books that have been published in the past year in the fields of economics, management and accounting. Organization: Nikkei Inc. and the Japan Center for Economic Research Award: The 55th Nikkei Prize for Excellent Books in Economic Science Date: November 2012 Award Winner: Professor Akira TAKEISHI, Yaichi AOSHIMA and Masaru KARUBE Book Title: Reasons for Innovation: Creating Legitimacy for Resource Mobilization (Published by Yuhikaku)    (In Japanese)  
Director's Message:It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our recently updated website. The Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research was created in 1997 as the first organization in Japan to research innovation from the viewpoint of the social sciences. Since then, the expectations placed on us have grown larger with each passing year, and today we are keenly aware of the importance of our responsibilities.Contemporary society demands innovation. Financial problems related to corporate management and industrial policy, challenges such as social issues that are rocking the foundations of people’s lives, and environmental problems that could radically affect the very continuation of the earth as we know it, are all problems that will only grow dramatically worse if we continue to do things as we have in years past. Innovation is the process of not remaining content with existing conditions, but rather assimilating new approaches, techniques and ideas to create even greater values society will find useful. Society
Vol.60 No.3 WIN. 2012 (In Japanese)A leading management journal in Japanese,which builds a bridge between theory and practice.EDITED BYHitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation ResearchPUBLISHED BYToyo Keizai Inc.Uncovering the Real Potential of Japanese Manufacturing IndustryTakahiro Fujimoto "Japan's Manufacturing Sites (Monozukuri Genba): The Darkest Hour before the Dawn?"Junjiro Shintaku / Kiyohiro Oki "Import of Industrial Goods and Real Local Procurement in Overseas Production of Japanese Companies"Kiyohiko Nishimura / Takanobu Nakajima / Kozo Kiyota"Does the Natural Selection Mechanism Still Work in Severe Recessions? :Lessons from the Japanese Economy in the 1990s"Tetsuya Kawahara / Hisamichi Ashida"Process Investigation Tracing Upstream in Kanebo after the Russo-Japanese War:Inter-Process “Flow” Concept of Sanji Muto"Takao Nakazawa"Growing SME Manufacturers’ Common Perception in East Asia"Kentaro Nobeoka / Masaru Karube"Difficulties in Creating Value at Japanese Firms Due to Managerial Complexity"Ikujiro Nonaka / Mitsuru Kodama / Ayano Hirose"Dynamic Fractal Organizations for Promoting Knowledge-based Transformation"●Business Cases  Takeshi Matsui  "S&B Foods Inc."  Hiroyuki Chuma  "Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation."●Critical Eyes: Formula Retail Restriction in US Taotao Bi-Matsui●Leaders of MOT(16) Guest:  Seiiciro
Vol.60 No.2 AUT. 2012 (In Japanese)A leading management journal in Japanese,which builds a bridge between theory and practice.EDITED BYHitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation ResearchPUBLISHED BYToyo Keizai Inc.Impact of Open InnovationSeiichiro Yonekura "Logic behind Open Innovation: Technology, Market and Organization"Akira Takeishi "Open Innovation: Mechanisms and Challenges for Success"Hiroshi Shimizu/Yusuke Hoshino"Open Innovation Management: Exploration for New Combination and Knowledge Management"Glenn Hoetker"Using Open Innovation to Leverage Japan’s Strengths"Kazuhisa Kawai"Salaried Entrepreneurs and the Internalization of Technology Market: A Case Study on Open Innovation by Osaka Gas "Yusuke Hoshino"Development and Industrialization through Collaboration: Case of Dyneema"●Business Cases  Takashi Hirao / Yusuke Hoshino  "AJINOMOTO: the Entry into a BOP Market Targeting for Nutrition Improvement"  Satoshi Horiguchi  "A Case Study on the Commercialization of User Innovation: Kamoi Kakoshi "●Critical Eyes: The Exhausted Support Line Koichi Nakagawa●The Story of the Accidental Innovations(5) Kiyonori Sakakibara●From My Bookshelf  Yoko Takeda Kosuke Mizukoshi●Management Forum Rob van Leen (DSM ) Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura
Vol.60 No.1 SUM. 2012 (In Japanese)A leading management journal in Japanese,which builds a bridge between theory and practice.EDITED BYHitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation ResearchPUBLISHED BYToyo Keizai Inc.Where Will Accounting in Japan Head for?Kunio Ito/Tetsuyuki Kagaya/Tomohiro Suzuki"New Challenges to Accounting Revolution: Beyond the Relevance Lost"Kazuhiko Toyama"Crisis and Challenges of Corporate Governance in Japan"Tetsuyuki Kagaya"Has the Convergence to the IFRS Affected Investment Behavior? : International Evidences"Hajime Yasui/Yoshiyuki Kure"The Sustainable Value Creation Based on the Integrated Reporting"Yoshinao Kozuma"Mandatory CSR Reporting by Companies: Probable Choice for the Future"Tomonori Ito"Cross-border M&A by Japanese Companies: 10 Lessons from Japan Tobacco's Experience"Kenshu Kikuzawa /Ikujiro Nonaka"Economics of Knowledge-based Firms: Efficiency of Middle-Up-Down Management and Hypertext Organization "●Business Cases  Tetsuyuki Kagaya/Tomohiro Suzuki  "OLYMPUS" Yasuyuki Hatsumi/Seo Jeong-min  "PT Komatsu Indonesia "●Critical Eyes: Auditor Independence Hikaru Yamamoto●Introduction to Business Economics(2) Noriyuki Yanagawa●The Story of the Accidental Innovations(4) Kiyonori Sakakibara●From My Bookshelf  Ikuya Sato Hisanaga Amikura●Management Forum Yukihiro Sato(Mitsubishi Electric Corporation) Interviewed by Tetsuyuki Kagawa
The magicc program is a research project that seeks to address environmental issues, energy problems and economic concerns through the work of “academicians of business and management and scholars of innovation.”As its name indicates, the project places its emphasis on visiting corporate worksites and conducting research based upon an in-depth understanding of the realities of technology development and enterprise management from a “microeconomics point of view,” a characteristic that sets the program apart from the many other research endeavors that focus on environmental and energy problems.As a result of the Great East Japan Earthquake, Japan currently is grappling with three serious and contradictory problems concerning the environment (reduction of greenhouse gases), energy (stable supply of electric power while eliminating nuclear power plants) and economic stagnation (Japan’s prolonged sluggish growth). To simultaneously solve these three problems, Japanese firms not only must create new industries related to the environment and new forms of energy, they also must be able to stably create added
■ Research Project [1]  Research Project on the Knowledge Creation Process in Science and the Creation of Innovation・Nagaoka, Sadao, Masatsura Igami, John P. Walsh and Tomohiro Ijichi, 2011, “Knowledge Creation Process in Science: Key Comparative Findings from the Hitotsubashi-NISTEP-Georgia Tech Scientists’ Survey in Japan and the US,” IIR Working Paper WP#11-09, October 2011・Nagaoka, Sadao, Masatsura Igami, Manabu Eto and Tomohiro Ijichi, “Knowledge Creation Process in Science: Basic Findings from a Large-scale Survey of Researchers in Japan,” IIR Working Paper WP#10-07, November 2010・Nagaoka Sadao, Masatsura Igami, Manabu Eto, Tomohiro Ijichi, 2010, “Knowledge Creation Process in Science: Basic Findings from a Large-scale Survey of Researchers in Japan,” IIR Working Paper WP#10-08■ Research Project [4] Collaboration Research Project with NEDO・Nagaoka, Sadao, Manabu Eto, Yusuke Naito and Naotoshi Tsukada, “The Innovation Process in Government Funded Research Consortia in Japan,” Economic Research, Vol. 62, No. 3, pp. 253-269, July 2011・Aoshima, Yaichi, Kazunari Matsushima and Manabu Eto, “Commercialization of Government Funded R&D: Follow-up Research Survey on NEDO
Surveys■ Survey on R&D based on Industry-Academia Cooperation (2012)Research project summarySurvey form Q&ASurvey summary and study results■ Survey on the Knowledge Production Process in ScienceResearch project summarySurvey form Q&ASurvey summary and study results■ Survey on the Innovation Process in NEDO ProjectsResearch project summarySurvey summary and study results
■Workshops and Conferences■ Research workshop on “IPRs and standard for innovation: Institutional design”Date and time: Tuesday, October 16, 2012   9:20-13:00Venue: International Conference Room, 3rd floor, Faculty Building 3, Hitotsubashi UniversitySponsors:“Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy Program” (Institute of Innovation Research) and “Research Project on evolution of standards” (Institute of Economic Research)Speakers:Stuart Graham (Chief Economist of the USPTO), Tamura Yoshiyuki (Professor, Hokkaido University),Aoki Reiko (Professor, Hitotsubashi University), Tsukada Naotoshi (Researcher, RIETI) and Nagaoka Sadao (Professor, Hitotsubashi University)Chair: Nagaoka Sadao, Professor, Hitotsubashi UniversityRemarks: Individuals wishing to participate should submit the following by Thursday, October 11, 2012:    (1) Name   (2) Address      (3) Title (school year if you are a student)      (4) Contact information■Program for Third Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference 2012.10.13-14The Third Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference will be held at Seoul National University, Korea on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2012.Conference Host: Professor Keun Lee, Seoul National UniversityKeynote and Invited SpeakersLee Branstetter, Carnegie Mellon UniversityJohn Cantwell, Rutgers Business SchoolJong-Rong Chen, National Central University, TaiwanCarsten Fink,
■ Research Administrators■ Full-time faculty members of the Institute of Innovation Research ■ Visiting Professor  Dr. Endo Akira  IIR invited Dr. Endo Akira to join the faculty as a visiting professor in November 2009. Dr. Endo was a pioneer in the discovery and development of a series of new drug groups called statins, which are being taken by over 30 million people around the world each day as an effective medication for dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol levels), one of the causes of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. For his work, Dr. Endo was awarded The Lasker Medical Research Award, a highly prestigious international honor, in 2008. As a key figure in the research under this program, Dr. Endo is engaged in research in the biotechnology and life sciences sector in cooperation with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association’s Office of Pharmaceutical Industry Research and the Japan Bioindustry Association. In addition to his research, he is newly participating in the research being conducted by