Forum 2015

●Forum 2015

Dumisani Magadlela
(Visiting Associate Professor, IIR
Programme Manager, Pan African Capacity Building Programme, Development Bank of Southern Africa)
“You Cannot Teach a Lion to Roar: African Skills Development and Capacity Building: Challenging Old Paradigms While Grabbing New Opportunities”

Hitoshi Mitsuhashi
(Professor, Organization and Management Theory in Faculty of Business and Commerce, UniversityKeio )
“Missing Contenders: Competitive Asymmetry and Organizational Inattentiveness to Potential Competitive Threats”

Jiangyun Wan
(Adjunct Assistant Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
“Brand Loyalty and Generic Competition”

Nabil Abou Lebdi
(Ph.D. Candidate, University of Luxembourg)
”Radical Innovation – A domain of SMEs? A Novel Test of the Schumpeterian Hypothesis”

Matthias Kipping
(Professor of Policy, Schulich School of Business, York University)
”The Rise of Management Power: Business Schools, Consultants, Media”

Peter Ping Li
(Asia Research Center, Copenhagen Business School)
“The Second-home Strategy for International Strategic Entrepreneurship”

Nobuyuki Hanaki
(Aix-Marseille University)
”Cognitive Ability and Strategic Uncertainty in an Experimental Asset Market”

Kanchan Joshi
(Data Scientist, Uhuru Corporation)
“A Study of Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Problems with Preemption and Learning”

Ilir Haxhi
(Assistant Professor,Amsterdam Business School, University of Amsterdam)
“Patent Enforcement under Strong Intellectual Property Rights: The Liability of Foreignness in US Patent Litigation”

Min, Jungwon
(Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kyushu University)
”Sensitivity of Alliance Termination to Pre-Alliance Formation Conditions: Expectation Effects of Alliance Partners”