Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research

Business Review Vol.48 No.1-2, SUM.-AUT.2000

Vol.48 No.1-2, SUM.-AUT.2000 A leading management journal in Japanese, which builds a bridge between theory and practice. EDITED BY Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research PUBLISHED BY Toyo Keizai Inc. Vol.48 No.1-2, SUM.-AUT.2000 (In Japanese) Management System for the 21st Century Ryoko Toyama/Ikujiro Nonaka “What Is a Good Ba?: The Role of Leadership in Organizational Knowledge Creation” Iwao Nakatani “How Does e-Economy Alter the Role of Markets?” Hiroyuki Itami “Digital Peoplism” Tadao Kagono “Competitive Advantage through Governance Systems” Michael E. Porter/Hirotaka Takeuchi “Japanese Government Model as a Cause of Failure” Richard Boulton/Kenji Sasaki “Creating Value in the New Economy” Yoshinori Yokoyama “Corporate Transformation” ●Column  Hiroyuki Itami ●Perspectives in Management Research:…