IIR Innovation Research Workshop 2023-プログラム

■Date    : August 28-29, 2023
Venue : Sano-shoin Hall, Hitotsubashi University
                (2-17-35 Naka, Kunitachi, Tokyo)& ZOOM Meeting
  *Audience members will be able to join us online and in-person

Deadline: 9:00, August 21, 2023

Program PDF (2023.8.29)

August 28 Language: English
Welcoming message:
13:00-13:10: Aoshima, Yaichi 

◆Session: Corporate innovation (Chair: Karube)
•13:10-13:50: Takeda, Yusaku 
“Innovation as a catalyst for greater racial and gender diversity: The case of e-commerce adoption in the US retail”

•13:50-14:30: Zou, Na  
“Non-scientists matter for sciences? Business scholars on board and corporate innovation”

Coffee Break: 14:30-14:40

◆Session: AI/Digitalization (Chair: Ohyama)
•14:40-15:20: Kwon, Ohchan
“AI as general purpose technology, open source tools, and diversity of innovation: Evidence from life science”

•15:20-16:00: Kang, Taewon
“Digitalization and firm performance: Evidence from manufacturing firms in Korea”

•16:00-16:40: Zhu, Chen
“The fundraising of AI startups: Evidence from web data”

Coffee Break: 16:40-16:50

◆Session: Invited Session (Chair: Aoshima)
•16:50-17:50: Yonekura, Seiichiro
“Do we really need innovation?”


August 29 Language: English
◆Session: Bibliometrics (Chair: Yoshioka-Kobayashi)
•9:00-9:40: Tsumita, Atsushi 
“Does innovation require serendipity? : An exploratory textual analysis of business cases”

•9:40-10:20: Carraz, Rene 
“An exploratory study on academic patent-paper pair matching: Insights from Japan’s national research universities and laboratories”

•10:20-11:00: Ruiz-Navas, Santiago 
“Following the hints of industrial convergence: A semantic analysis of BBC, NHK and Netflix’s scientific papers”

Coffee Break: 11:00-11:10

◆Session: Chinese firms (Chair: Padrón-Hernández)
•11:10-11:50: Ho, Jaeyun
“Contributing, coordinating and chairing: The catch-up of Chinese firms in a standard developing organization”

•11:50-12:30: Dang, Jianwei
“Steering for a new continent? Chinese innovators’ global patent portfolio rebalancing”

Lunch: 12:30-13:20

◆Session: Late-comers (Chair: Kang)
•13:20-14:00: Liu, Chia-Ling (Eunice) 
“International ambidexterity, networks and global new product development: Do latecomers really catch up?”

•14:00-14:40: Wong, Chan-Yuan   
“A search dilemma for new roles and market niches: The cases of Samsung, Korea and TSMC, Taiwan in a time of US-China high-tech decoupling”

Voting: 14:40-14:50

14:50-15:00: Nakajima, Kentaro