< プログラム(2021/8/23 現在)> 

August 23 Language: Japanese
13:30-13:40: Aoshima, Yaichi 

Session1: (Chair: Yoshioka-Kobayashi)
•13:40-14:10: 永里 賢治
•14:10-14:40: 舟津 昌平
•14:40-15:10: 菊地 雄太
“Impact of university reform on research performance aggregated and disaggregated across research fields: A case study of the partial privatization of Japanese national universities“

Coffee Break: 15:10-15:20

Session 2: (Chair: Koizumi)
•15:20-15:50: 池内 健太
•15:50-16:20: 永山 晋

Coffee Break: 16:20-16:30

Session 3: (Chair: Taniguchi)
•16:30-17:00: 堀尾 柾人
「起業家のストレスの取扱方法 ―事業転換を繰り返したシード期の複数事例より―」
•17:00-17:30: 伊藤 智明

Online Banquet (for those who are interested): 18:00-20:00

August 24 Language: English
Session 4: (Chair: Padrón-Hernández)
•13:20-13:50: He, Geer
“Advanced market firms’ turnaround under emerging market ownership: A conceptual study and an illustrative case”
•13:50-14:20: Kosaka, Genjiro
“Does Vertical Keiretsu Effectively Respond to Disasters? Evidence from the Japanese Automobile Industry”
•14:20-14:50: Nadayama, Naoto
“Subsidiary Managers’ Reaction to Headquarters’ Decision Making of Divestment”

Coffee Break: 14:50-15:00

Session 5: (Chair: Kang)
Guest Speaker
•15:00-16:15: Coad, Alex

“Capabilities and innovation”

Coffee Break: 16:15-16:25

Session 6: (Chair: Higham)
•16:25-16:55: Inada, Takahiro
“Applying Blockchain Technology to Peer-to-Peer Transaction Platforms: A Longitudinal Case Study of a Startup”
•16:55-17:25: Krishnan, Ramesh
“Cybershaming: Institutional Logics and Institutional Outcomes in the Digital Age”

17:25-17:30: Karube, Masaru