The 4th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference (Updated)

National Taiwan University (台湾, 台北) において The 4th Asia-Pacific Innovation Conference (2013年12月6-7日)が開催されました。



  • Third Party Contribution to early clarification of patent rights : An Economic Assessment (Sadao Nagaoka*, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University; Kenta Nakamura, School of Economics, Kobe University)
  • Life-cycle Productivity of Industrial Inventors: How PhDs matter? (Koichiro Onishi*, Osaka Institute of Technology; Sadao Nagaoka, Hitotsubashi University)
  • Effects of Early Initiation of Patent Examination on the Examination Quality (Sadao Nagaoka, Hitotsubashi University; Isamu Yamauchi*, Research Institute of Economy, Trade and Industry)
  • Complementarity, Fragmentation and the Effects of Patent Thicket (Sadao Nagaoka, Hitotsubashi University; Youichiro Nishimura, Kanagawa University)


  • Shock Propagation via Banks’ Syndicated Interconnectedness (Makoto Nirei*, Hitotsubashi University; Vladyslav Sushko, Bank for International Settlements)


  • Do Doctoral Degree and Prior Publication Matter? How Do They Vary across Countries? Science-Linkage and Technological Development in Laser Diodes (Hiroshi Shimizu*, Yasushi Hara, Hitotsubashi University)


  • Economic Growth Analysis on Japan by Dynamic General Equilibrium Model with R&D and Human Capital (Akiyuki Tonogi, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)