Innovation Forum 2013.03.13  Professor Giuseppe Scellato Topic:“Mover’s Advantage and US attractiveness for young scholars”” (based on NBER WP 18577)Speaker:Assistant Professor  Giuseppe Scellato  (Politecnico di Torino)Date:March 13 (Wednesday) 201311:45 am to 1:15 pmPlace: Conference room of the second floor of the IIR building(A lunch box can be brought in. There will be a welcome dinner in the evening)Organizer:Sadao Nagaoka


Innovation Forum 2013.03.06  Professor Keun Lee Topic:“Knowledge, Path-creation and economic catch-up: Schumpeterian Recipe to Escape the middle income trap.” (based on a forthcoming book from Cambridge University) Speaker:Professor Keun Lee (Seoul National University) , Visiting Professor of the IIR Date:March 6 (Wednesday) 201310:30 am to 12 noon     16:30 pm to 18:00 (Start time has benn changed) Place: Conference room of the second floor of the IIR building Organizer:Sadao Nagaoka

Forum2013.1.29 Cornelia Storz 

Innovation Forum 2013.1.29 Professor, Cornelia Storz Topic:“Which labor market design is better for Innovation?: The case of game software industry” Speaker:Cornelia Storz(Professor, Goethe University Frankfurt am Main) Date:January 29th (Tuesday)  2013from 12:15  ~13:30 Place: Conference room of the second floor of the IIR building Organizer:Seiichiro Yonekura

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Forum 2011.04-2012.03

■14 March, 2012 1) Anja Schulze (Director of swiss Center for Automotive Research at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich)2) Florian Rittiner (the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 3) Simge Tuna (the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 4) Stefano Brusoni (Professor, the Chair of Technology and Innovation Management at the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics (D-MTEC) of ETH Zurich) 1) Lean Product Development (The Management of Efficiency in New Product Development): A Research Project that Bridges Japan and Europe as well as Industry and Academia2) Process Management from a Knowledge Brokerage Point of View3) Attention Based View to New Product Development:…

Forum 2010.04-2011.03

■24 March, 2011Jean-Etienne de Bettignies (Associate Professor, Queen’s School of Business) Product Market Competition and Managerial Employment Choices ■7 March, 2011Isamu Hanyu(General Manager, Technology Research, Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited)Satoshi Takechi(Manager, Intellectual Property Unit, Standardization Promotion Department,Fujitsu Semiconductor Limited)Koji Nozaki(Research Fellow, Device & Materials Laboratories, Fujitsu Laboratories Limited) Technical Innovation in ArF Resist Material for LSI Production to 90nm-Era and Beyond(G-COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases) ■4 February, 2011Csonka Laszlo (Research Fellow, IKU Innovation Research Centre, Financial Research Corp.)R&D and Innovation Networks in the Hungarian Automotive Industry ■28 January, 2011Shigeto Hatanaka (General Manager, Fuel Research Laboratory Research & Development Division, JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation)Development and Practical Application of Manufacturing Technology for…

Forum 2009.04-2010.03

■18 March, 2010Steven White(Associate Professor, China Europe International Business School) ‘Entrepreneur-Investor relational configurations and implications for value “beyond the contract” ‘ ■9 March, 2010Hyungsub Choi(Senior Research Fellow, Center for Contemporary History and Policy, Chemical Heritage Foundation, Philadelphia /JSPS Postdoctoral Fellow, History and Philosophy of Science, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, The University of Tokyo) ‘Manufacturing Knowledge in Transit: The Circulation of Transistor Technology in the U.S. and Japan, 1948-1960’ ■9 March, 2010Akihiko Ishitani(IMEC Representative Japan) ‘Management of Research Consortium: Experience and Future of IMEC ‘ ■24 February, 2010Akira Endo(Visiting Professor, Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research) ‘A Gift from Nature: The Invention of Statin and the Following Innovation (II)’ ■9 February, 2010Akira Shibata(Chief Engineer, Engineering Planning Dept., Automatic Data…

Forum 2008.04-2009.03

■26 March, 2009 Jinyoung Kim(Professor, Department of Economics, Korea University and Research Associate, Center of Excellence on Human Capital, Technology Transfer, and Economic Growth and Development, SUNY at Buffalo) ‘International Knowledge Flows: Evidence from an Inventor-Firm Matched Data Set‘ ■18 March, 2009Cornelia Storz(Professor, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration, Goethe University) ‘How do new industries emerge? The case of Japan’s game software and biotech industry‘ ■18 March, 2009Nobuyuki Hanaki (Doctoral Program in Economics, Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Tsukuba) ‘Complexity, Uncertainty, and Organizational Congruency‘ (joint with Hideo Owan) ■5 March, 2009Takayoshi Mamine(Project Professor, Collaborative Research Development, Division of University Corporate Relations, The University of Tokyo) ‘The Development of MOCVD: Mass Production of Compound Semiconductor…

Forum 2007.04-2008.03

■27 March, 2008Akira Takeishi(Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ‘Boundaries of Innovation’ ■19 March, 2008Tomoyuki Shimbo(Junior Research Fellow, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ‘Technology imports and firm performance: A case of petrochemical industry’ ■19 March, 2008Xiaomei Zhang(Junior Research Fellow, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ‘The current situation and issues of banking in Hangzhou and Wenzhou’ ■19 March, 2008Yoko Furusawa(Research Associate, IIR, Hitotsubashi University) ‘A case study by Endowed Chair; “How are technology start-ups set up in Japan?”‘ ■24 January, 2008Hiroshi Shimizu(Researcher, Department of Technology Management Eindhoven University of Technology(The Netherlands)) ‘Competition, Knowledge Spillover, and Innovation: Technological Development ofSemiconductor Lasers, 1960-1990′ ■24 January, 2008Makoto Nirei(Assistant Professor, Department of Economics Carleton University (Canda)) ‘Firms Dynamics under Strategic Complementarity’ ■12 December, 2007Suphawan Srisophaolarn(Associate Professor, Kasetsart…

Forum 2006.04-2007.03

■28 February, 2007Makoto Kitamura(Junior Research Fellow, IIR, Hitotsubashi University)‘Institutionalizing the Use of “Surrogate Consumer”: Its Influence on Consumers’ Decision Making’ ■28 February, 2007Ng Shuk Yee Sally(Junior Research Fellow, IIR, Hitotsubashi University)‘”Car Town” in Huadu District, Guanzhou: Its Formation and Influence on the Smaller Peripheral Cities and Towns’ ■26 January, 2007Minoru Usui(Director, General Administrative Manager, Production Engineering & Development Division, Seiko Epson Corporatio)‘Development of an Ink Jet Printer that Produces Higi Resolution Text and Pictorial Images’(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases) ■22 December, 2006Takeshi Nomura(Director, Senior Vice President,TDK Corporation)‘Development of Highly Reliable Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with Ni Electrode’(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases) ■14 November, 2006Iain Cockburn(School of Management,…