Forum2014.01.22 Roy Nyberg

Innovation Forum 2014.01.22  Roy Nyberg

“From a Lean to a Rich View of Innovation: Case Evidence from
the Emergence of Mobile Health”

‘The concept of innovation tends to be used to describe advances in
technology and service concepts. For example, Christensen (1997) has
made an argument of ‘disruptive innovation’, in which he has claimed
that the primary factor to explain change from existing technical
arrangements to new solutions is in product features. I argue that this
is a lean view of innovation, and I make a case for a richer view, which
I draw from my research on the emergence of mobile health. The last few
years have seen increasing public talk of mobile technology use in
health care in many Western countries. A closer look reveals that there
have been efforts to improve cost and health outcome efficiencies by use
of mobile devices for about two decades. I discuss the organisational
efforts and challenges in the emergence of mobile health, in England and
Finland, and use this evidence to make an argument about a rich view of

Roy Nyberg,
  DPhil Student, Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford

January 22 (Wednesday)  2014
12:15 pm to 13:45 pm

 Conference room of the second floor of the IIR building

Kentaro Nobeoka