Forum 2017.2.16 Charles J. McMillan

Innovation Forum 2017.2.16 Charles J. McMillan

“The Planning Strategy of Strategic Planning:
Orientation, Time Constraints, Decisions, Action: Case Studies from Military, Business, and Political Theory”

Charles J. McMillan
(Professor, Schulich School of Business, York University)

February 16th (Thursday)  2017
from 13:30 ~ 15:00

 709 room of the 7th floor of the Faculty Building 2

Business journals, business school scholars, and strategic management societies focus on a range of themes, frameworks, and endogenous organizational factors that shape and influence firm strategies. From resource-based theories, dynamic capabilities, entrepreneurial  vision, the research literature is diverse, fractionated, and often devoid of realism of strategy in action, with clever tools of networks, deep learning, time management based on timing, surprise, deception, and deep collaboration. This presentation draws ideas and concepts from military theories, corporate case studies, and political theory.

 Kentaro Nobeoka