Business Review Vol.64 No.3 WIN. 2016

Vol.64 No.3 WIN. 2016 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Corporate Strategy for Business Transformation

Kazuhiro Mishima
“Business Strategy as Pinpoint Definition”

Fumiaki Sato
“Dramatic Shifts in Corporate Strategy: Lessons from Major Electronics Manufacturer”

Norihisa Yoshimura
“Corporate Restructuring through Japanese Spin-Off”

Katsuhiko Shimizu
“Wise Mistakes and Organizational Communication: An Approach What We Really Need to Activate the Power of Strategy”

Ikujiro Nonaka
Cultivating Organizational Knowledge Maneuverability: Tacit Knowing, Intersubjectibity, Distributed Leadership

Shigeyuki Hiroki
“TICAD: A View from Africa”

●Leaders of MOT
  Kiyoshi Fujiwara
   (Director, Mazda Motor Corporation)
  Interviewed by Kentaro Nobeoka and Yaichi Aoshima

●Critical Eyes: Corporate Governance Codes
 Daisuke Uchida

●Science of Creativity Management (1)
 Nobuyuki Inamizu

●Design Techniques for Business Model Generators (2)
  Tatsuhiko Inoue

●Business Cases
 Masatoshi Fujiwara / Yaichi Aoshima
  “Toyobo: Driving the Radical Corporate Restructuring”

 Yumiko Oda
  “IBJ: ‘Marriage Hunting’ Boom and Market Creation――How a Start Up Company Revolutionized the Match Making Business”

●Management Forum 
  Hitoshi Tanaka
    (Founder and CEO, JINS Inc.)
 Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura

●From My Bookshelf
  Yaichi Aoshima
  Nobuo Sato