Business Review Vol.65 No.1 SUM. 2017

Vol.65 No.1 SUM. 2017 (In Japanese)



A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.


Scientific Sources of Innovation: Beyond the Myth of Nobel Prize

Shinichi Akaike / Yasushi Hara
“Nobel Prize in the Context of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy in Japan”

Yasushi Hara / Yukihiro Kabeya / Amane Koizumi
“There Is the Light That Never Fades Away: An Empirical Analysis for Nobel Prize Laureates”

Hiromi Saito / Kanetaka Maki
“Star Scientists: The Engine of Innovation in Japan”

Amane Koizumi / Masashi Shirabe
“How We Measure Research Performance in Japanese Universities?”

Cha, Doo-won
“Basic Science in Korea: Diagnostics and Nowcasting”

Yosuke Yasuda
“Nobel Prize in Economic Science: Five Questions”

●Keyword: Package
Hiroaki Ishii

●Design Techniques for Business Model Generators (4)
Tatsuhiko Inoue

●Science of Creativity Management (3)
Nobuyuki Inamizu

●Business Cases
Emiko Tsuyuki / Masaharu Maeda
COCOROMI GAKUEN and COCO FARM & WINERY: Why We Work? What We Work for?―A Great Challenge of Intellectually Handicapped People in COCOROMI GAKUEN

Yaichi Aoshima / Kunitoshi Yamazaki
“Tsuchiyu-onsen Hot Spring: Regional Development by Renewable Energy”

●Management Forum 
Ryoji Noyori
    (Director-General, Center for Research and Development Strategy
Japan Science and Technology Agency)
Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura / Shinichi Akaike / Yasushi Hara

●From My Bookshelf
Naoto Kanki
  Emi Osonoi

Yoshinori Konno
“Network Structures with Customers and Supplier Performance in Japanese Automotive Components Industry”