Business Review Vol.68 No.3 WIN. 2020

Vol.68 No.3 WIN. 2020 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.

Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

The New Form of Corporations and Their Governance

Katsuhito Iwai
“Towards New Forms of Business Corporations: Why Was Milton Friedman All Wrong about Business Corporations?“

Colin Mayer
“Prosperity, Finance and Ownership

Miyuki Zeniya
“What Is a Good Company at the Age of SDGs/ESG Inventing?

Ryoko Ueda
“The Development of Corporate Governance in the Changing Economy and Social Structure: Harmonization of Value Creation and Sustainability

Masaru Karube / Masako Egawa
“Rethinking How to Collaborate with Others

Charles D. Lake Ⅱ
“The Rise of Stakeholder Capitalism and Its Implications for Japanese Companies: Strategic Execution of Creating Shared Value (CSV) Governance

Hideo Kudo / Kentaro Nobeoka
“Career Trajectories to Technology Management Leaders

●A New Form of Business That Bridges Companies and Society (2)
  Masaru Karube
●Entrepreneurs Who Change the World (5)
  Fumihiro Kozato
  Interviewed by Masatoshi Fujiwara
●Business Cases
  Atsushi Tsumita / Tatsuya Kubota / Tomonori Yazaki / Kentaro Oki
 “KDDI: Renewing the brand image of “au” through better-designed mobile phones
 Mitsuteru Mutsuda / Yaichi Aoshima
 “Kuraray: An innovation process for the Japan original engineering plastic “Genestar™”
●Management Forum
  Kenichiro Yoshida
 (Director, Chairman, President and CEO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, Sony Corporation
  Interviewed by Masako Egawa / Masaru Karube