Report on the 11th IIR Summer School

Institute of Innovation Research has been holding the IIR Summer School every year since 2010. The 11th Summer School was held remotely through Zoom on August 25 & 26, 2020.

The purpose of this summer school is to promote innovation research by building researcher networks, offering a place for presenting the latest research results, and supporting young researchers. This year, we invited Professor Shigeru ASABA as a guest speaker and a total of 11 presentations were made (2 were in Japanese and 9 in English).

The Best Presentation Award was awarded to Dr. Kyle Higham, Appointed Research Associate, IIR, Hitotsubashi University.

The title of his presentation was “Patent Quality: Systematic Analysis and Measurement”.

The participants were wide ranging from graduate students to researchers and business practitioners. We thank them all for their participation.

The program of the 11th IIR Summer School can be accessed from below.