Forum 2017

●Forum 2017

Tuukka Toivonen 
(PhD. Senior Lecturer at the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP), University College London)
From Creative ‘Clashes’ and ‘Sparks’ to Jolts: An empirical investigation of the idea journeys and feedback interactions of early-stage digital entrepreneurs in London

Lee, Sang-Gun 
(Professor, Sogang University Business School)
A Comparative Study of Linkage of Effects of ICT Industries and Machinery and Equipment Industries among the Korea, the United States, Germany and Japan

Cornelia Lawson 
(Prize Fellow, University of Bath)
Citizens of Somewhere: Examining the Geography of Foreign and Native-born Academics’ Engagement with External Actors

Takumi Shimizu 
(Ph.D Candidate, Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University)
Coordinating collective framing processes with heterogeneous actors in technology standard development: A Topic Modeling Approach

Ravi Madhavan 
(Professor, The Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh)
”The Evolution of Systems Integration Capability in China: Case Studies in Nuclear Power and Commercial Aircraft

Evan W. Lauteria 
(PhD Student, University of California Davis)
The Cultural Foundations of Institutional Divergence: A Study of Nintendo and SEGA’s ‘Console Wars’

Yu Jiang 
(Professor, Chinese Academy of Sciences)
China’s Information Infrastructure and Innovation Efforts under the Globalization

Jean-Baptiste Marc Litrico 
(Associate Professor, Smith School of Business, Queen’s University / 
 Visiting Associate Professor, IIR, Hitotsubashi University)
Industry Ethos and Corporate Response to Institutional Pressures: Naturalizing Sustainability in Aviation