Research Administrators

Research Administrators
Full-time faculty members of the Institute of Innovation Research
Visiting Professor
  Dr. Endo Akira
  IIR invited Dr. Endo Akira to join the faculty as a visiting professor in November 2009. Dr. Endo was a pioneer in the discovery and development of a series of new drug groups called statins, which are being taken by over 30 million people around the world each day as an effective medication for dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol levels), one of the causes of arteriosclerosis and heart disease. For his work, Dr. Endo was awarded The Lasker Medical Research Award, a highly prestigious international honor, in 2008. As a key figure in the research under this program, Dr. Endo is engaged in research in the biotechnology and life sciences sector in cooperation with the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association’s Office of Pharmaceutical Industry Research and the Japan Bioindustry Association. In addition to his research, he is newly participating in the research being conducted by IIR with a focus on researchers. The purpose is to gain implications for the best approach to management, and determine the optimal methodologies for Japan’s system, in sectors where science will play a critical role in the future.
Adjunct Professors and Associate Professors
  Igami Masatsura
  Ito Satoru
  Ohsugi Yoshiyuki
  Osada Toshihiko (FY2008 – 2009)
  Kameyama Masaomi (FY2008 – 2009) (FY2012 – present)
  Nakaya Masao
  Tokoro Gensuke
    (In order of Japanese syllabary)
Industry-academia-government collaboration researchers
  Yusuke Naito
Adjunct researchers
  Ijichi Tomohiro           (Professor, Faculty of Innovation Studies, Seijo University)
  Owan Hideo               (Professor, Institute of Social Science, The University of Tokyo)
  Tsuno Katsushige      (Electron Optics Solutions)
  Nakamura Kenta       (Associate Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kobe University)
  Honjo Yuji                   (Professor, Faculty of Commerce, Chuo University)
  Setsuo Morishita       (Japan Bioindustry Association, FY2008)
    (In order of Japanese syllabary)
  Tsukada Naotoshi (FY2008-2010)
   Nishimura Junichi