Implementation System

Implementation system
 As a center for cooperation, conduct joint research to achieve synergy with both government agencies and the industrial sector.
 Form a global research network with overseas universities and international organizations that are at the forefront of global innovation research, and engage in research on innovation that sets a global innovation research standard.
 Conduct joint research with government agencies and industries, using an approach that achieves synergy with both sectors, by positioning IIR as a center for cooperation.
 Enable young researchers to participate in case studies and other research endeavors, and cultivate human resource through hands-on research training.
 Research the innovation process based on industry-academia-government collaboration. To achieve this goal IIR has entered into the following agreements and memoranda.
  (1) Agreement on Cooperation Between the Japan Bioindustry Association, Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association Office of Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Three Organizations on Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research Concerning the Process of Innovation in the Biotechnology and Life Science Sectors. (November 2008)
  (2) Memorandum Concerning Collaboration Research to be Conducted with the National Institute of Science and Technology Policy (NISTEP) of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (Collaboration Research Concerning the Knowledge Creation Process in the Sciences) (February 2009)
  (3) Agreement of Cooperation with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization for Research Concerning the Process of Innovation and Research and Development Project Management Methodologies Etc. (April 2009)
  These agreements and memorandum prescribe the cooperation for undertaking collaboration research and disseminating the research results through channels such as symposia, the maintenance of confidentiality and the publication of findings and research results at conferences and other venues.