IIR-Melcator School of Management (Duisburg-Essen University, Germany) International Workshop on Management of Foreign R&D: Experiences and Lessons from Japanese and German Multinationals 2007.3.10

■ International Workshop on Management of Foreign R&D: Experiences and Lessons from Japanese and German Multinationals 

March 10, 2007 at Hitotsubashi Mercury Tower, Kunicachi, Tokyo
Roman Bartnik, Mercator School of Management, Duisburg-Essen University
Sadao Nagaoka, IIR

Size and strategic importance of foreign R&D have grown strongly since the 1990s.  Consequently, the coordination of R&D conducted in foreign subsidiaries, choice of knowledge sourcing and foreign R&D collaborations have become increasingly urgent issues to innovative firms in both Japan and Germany.
While Japaenese organizations have become famous for efficiently integrating R&D processes across organizational units and hierarchical layers, experiene in managing R&D across country borders is quite limited.  German companies, while being less integrative on the domestic level, have internationalized their R&D earlier and more extensively.  It would thus seem that both parts can learn from each other and this worksop was held hopefully to be a frist step in this direction.

Session I
Chair: Sadao Nagaoka (IIR)
[1] “Strategic Alliances in Global Biotech Pharma Industries”
           Dr. Hans Gottinger
           Masau Takayanagi (Mitsubishi Pharma Corporation)
[2] “Coordinating International R&D: Evidence from Japanese and German Multinationals”
           Roman Bartnik (Hitotsubashi University / Duisburg-Essen University)
           Kazuhiro Asakawa (Keio University)
           Koichiro Nakamura (Kao Corporation)

Session II
Chair: Hiroyuki Odagiri (Hitotsubashi University)
[3] “Global R&D Management by Japanese Firms: A Metanational Perspective”
           Kazuhiro Asakawa (Keio University)
           Hiroyuki Okamuro (Hitotsubashi University)
           Joerg Raupack (NEC-Schott Components Corporation)
[4] “Whether and How International Research Collaboration Enhance Research Productivity?”
           Sadao Nagaoka and Naotoshi Tsukada (Hitotsubashi University)
           Banri Ito (Keio University)
           Matthias Wegener (Henkel Japan, Ltd./ Kinki University)
[5] “Foreign R&D and Sourcing of Technological Knowledge by Japanese Companies”
           Tomoko Iwasa (Yokohama City University)
           Yasuyuki Todo (Aoyama Gakuin University)
           Dirk Ebert (Kostal Japan Co., Ltd.)