Forum 2005.04-2006.03

13 February, 2006Hideaki Kohzu
Former Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)

‘Development and Mass Production of Field-Effect Transistor in NEC Corporation’
(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
19 December, 2005Yunshi Mao
Professor and Director, Research Center for Enterprise and Martet, Zhongshan University)

Strategy Selection and Performance of Multinationals in China: Analysis Based on Resources-based Theory and Contingency Approach
29 November, 2005Narihiko Yoshida
Digital Analyst and Visiting Professor, The Graduate School of Digital Content)

‘The Future of Sub-Culture
-The World of COC (Content-oriented Community)-‘
(Subculture Workshop)
14 November, 2005Takanori Yorita
Professor, Graduate School of Economics, Kyoto University)

‘Discrete Choice Model Analysis of Mobile Telephone Service Demand in Japan’
8 November, 2005Kouichi Motohashi
President, Nippon Animation Co., Ltd.)

Shigeo Endo
(Managing Director, Nippon Animation Co., Ltd.)
‘What is Animation? ‘
(Subculture Workshop)
4 October, 2005Nobuyoshi Takeuchi
Hiratsuka Factory Manager, Managing Director, Nemoto & Co., Ltd.)

‘Development of a Radioactive-free Luminous Paint’
(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
28 September, 2005Taohua Ouyang
Associate Professor, Business School, Renmin University of China)
(Visiting Associate Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)

‘Modular of Product Development in Chinese Manufacturing ―A Case Study of Haier’
28 September, 2005Helmut Dietl
Professor, Institute of Strategy and Business Economics,
University of Zurich)

‘The Organization of Professional Suports Leagues’
1 September, 2005Keiji Itsukushima
Executive Officer, and Deputy General Manager, Business Strategic Planning Office, KYOCERA MITA CORPORATION)

Yoshio Ozawa
General Officer, Overall Technical Development Division, Engineering Office,

‘Development of Long-Life Electrophtographic Process and Application for Environmentally-Friendly Printer’
(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
1 September, 2005Ikuya Sato
Professor, Graduate School of Commerce and Management,
Hitotsubashi University)

‘The Publishing Industry: Publishers and Editors as Gatekeepers’
(Subculture Workshop)
5 August, 2005Toru Tatsumi
Senior Researcher, Silicon System Research Laboratories, NEC Corporation)

‘Development of Hemispherical-Grained (HSG) Silicon Storage Electrodes’
(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
26 July, 2005Masaru Yamashita
Associate Professor, School of Business Administration, Aoyama Gakuin University)

‘R&D and Organizational Strategy in the Movie Making Industry’
(Subculture Workshop)
11 July, 2005John Walsh
Professor, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo, and Associate Professor in Sociology, University of Illinois at Chicago)

‘The View from the Bench: Patents, Material Transfers and Biomedical Research
15 June , 2005Junji Miyahara
Professor, Tokyo University of Science)

Development of Computed Radiography System: Utilizing Scanning Laser Stimulated Luminescence’
(COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
31 May, 2005Takayuki Mizuno
Researcher, The National Policy Research Institute)

On RMT (Research Money Trading) Association’
Subculture Workshop)
20 May, 2005Yoshio Suzuki
Nisshin Pharma Inc.)

Industrial Production of Coenzyme Q10 and Improvementof its Bioavailability’
COE Research Project on Okochi Prize Cases)
6 May, 2005Michael Cusumano
Professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT)

Products or Services: Which is the Better Business Model, in Software and Other Industries?
22 April, 2005Hajimu Morioka
Ajinomoto Co., Inc.)

R&D and the Strategy of Intellectual Property Right of Ajinomoto, Inc.’
7 April, 2005Kiyonori Sakakibara
Professor, Faculty of Policy Management, Graduate School of Media and Governance,
Keio University

The Integrator’s Dilemma: The Success and Failure of Japan’s Watch Industry