Forum 2002.04-2003.03

24 February, 2003
J.A. Stam
(Professor, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, the Netherlands)
Management of Technology in Japan: Some Observations’
5 February, 2003
Jon Sigurdson
(Coordinator, Swedish School of Advanced Asia Pacific Studies, Professor and Director of East Asia Science and Technology Programme, Stockholm School of Economics)
Corporate R&D and Global Knowledge Systems: The Case of Ericsson’
17 January, 2003
Toshikazu Nishino
(General Manager, Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd)
20 December, 2002
Kazuo Sawada
(Senior General Manager of Technology,Maglev Systems Development Department,Railway Technical Research Institute)
‘Superconductivity and Linear Motor Car
13 December, 2002
Yoshimi Kubo
(Nanotube Technology Center, Fundamental Resarch Laboratories, NEC Laboratories)
‘Fuel Cell or Carbon Nanotube
6 December, 2002
Tadahi Watanabe
(Vice President, NEC Solutions)
4 December, 2002
Tony Garret
(Lecturer, Depertment of Marketing, University of Otago)
‘National Culture and New Product Development Work Group Dynamics: A Cross-Cultural Study between New Zealand and Singapore’
29 November, 2002
Masao Kawachi
(Director, NTT Network Innovation Laboratories)
‘Terabit Communication
22 November, 2002
Sunao Ishihara
(Director, NTT Basic Research Laboratories)
15 November, 2002
Tsuguo Takebayashi
(Chief engineer, OYO Corporation)
‘Underground Excavation
8 November, 2002
Toshihiro Akaike
(Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technorogy)
‘Artificial Organs
25 October, 2002
Okio Hino
(Chief, Department of Experimental Pathology, Cancer Institute, Japanese Foundation for Cancer Research)
‘Drama Type of Cancer
22 October, 2002
Timo Saarinen
(Professor, Electronic Business, Helsinki School of Economics)
Jarkko Vesa
(Ph.D. candidate, Helsinki School of Economics)
Customer Relationship Management in Service Mediary Driven Mobile Business:
Case I-mode
11 October, 2002
Sachi Hatanaka
(Research Fellow, MIT Industrial Performance Center)
‘University-Industry Collaboration: A Case Study of MIT, Cambridge University and University of Tokyo’
4 October, 2002
Tatsuo Tanaka
(Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Keio University)
‘Empirical Evidence of Network Externality in the Mobile Phone Industry’
30 September, 2002
Eul Yong Park
(Dean of Graduate School of Global Management, and Director of Center for International Development, Handong University)
‘National Innovation System and Knowledge Economy Building: The Case of Korea’
27 September, 2002
Takao Kato
(Professor, Department of Economics, Colgate University)
‘The Effects of Team Membership for Firm Performance and Individual Worker Outcomes
18 September, 2002
Derek C. Jones
(Professor, Department of Economics, Hamilton College/Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University)
‘Human Resource Management Policies in Transition Economies: Their Nature and Effects on Enterprise Performance
8 July, 2002
Katsumi Miyauchi
General Manager,Production Engineering Research Laboratory,Hitachi, Ltd.
Mitsutaka Kosaka
General Manager,Systems Development Laboratory,Hitachi, Ltd.
Management of the Corporate Research Laboratory:in case of HITACHI, Ltd.
5 July, 2002
Reiko Aoki
Senior Lecturer, Department of Economics,The University of Auckland 

Patent Litigation
18 June, 2002
Michael A. Cusumano
Sloan Management Review Distinguished Professor, MIT Sloan School of Management
Strategy for Software Companies: What to Think about