Forum 1999.04-2000.03

16 February, 2000
Yoko Takeda
Assistant Professor, Center for Global Communications, International University of Japan
‘Impacts of 3D-CAD as Media on Product Development and the Division of Labor’
7 February, 2000
Reiko Aoki
Professor, University of Auckland
‘Public Disclosure of Patent Applications, R&D, and Welfare’
17 January, 2000
Michael A. Cusumano
Professor, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘Update on Netscape and Microsoft’
14 January, 2000
Yoichiro Murakami
Professor, Division of Humanities, International Christian University
‘Scientific Research Changing’
15 December, 1999
Richard Whitley
Professor, Manchester Business School
Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
‘Business Systems, Firm Types and Patterns of Innovation’
6 December, 1999
Markus Kurscheidt
Alice Amsden
Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
‘Knowledge-based Assets and Economic Development’
15 November, 1999
Keun Lee
Associate Professor, School of Economics, Seoul National University
Technological Regimes and Organizational Selection in the Evolution of Industry: A History-friendly Model of the D-RAM industry’
8 November, 1999
Hee-Jae Cho
Research Associate, IMD-International Institute for Management Development
‘An Empirical Investigation of the Relationships among Knowledge Creation, Organizational Learning, and Firm Performance of Foutune 1000 Companies’
5 October, 1999
Paul Geroski
Professor, London Business School

‘Modeling the Population Dynamics of Markets’
11 June, 1999
Fumio Kodama
Professor, Research Center for Advanced Economic Engineering

‘A Theory of Industry Creation and Technology Evolution Cycle’
3 June, 1999
Henry W. Chesbrough
Associate Professor, Harvard Business School, and
Ken Kusunoki
Associate Professor, Graduate School of International Corporate Strategy
Hitotsubashi University

‘The Modularity Trap: Innovation, Technology Phase-shifts, and Resulting Limits of Virtual Organizations’