Forum 1997.04-1998.03

25 March, 1998
Richard Coopey
Associate Professor, The London School of Economics and Political Science
‘Automation Empire? Reassessing Science and Technology Policy in Post-war Britain’
18 March, 1998
Mar Schon Beechler
Associate Professor, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University
Visiting Associate Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
‘Successfully Managing Overseas Operations: Data from Japanese and American Companies in Southeast Asia’
23 February, 1998
Hiroyuki Chuma
Professor, Department of Economics, Hitotsubashi University
‘Human Resource Formation Systems and the ‘On-Site’ Principle in Japanese Industry: The Cases of Nine Machine Tool Makers’
9 February, 1998
Walter Kummerle
Assistant Professor, Harvard Business School
‘Knowledge Creation and Knowledge Exploitation in Foreign Environments – An Investigation into the Drivers of Foreign Direct Investigation in R&D by Multinational Companies’
6 February, 1998
Sigrun Caspary
Lecturer, Witten-Herdecke University
‘Development of the Japanese Aeroplane Industry: An Example of Failure of Industrial Policy?’
20 January, 1998
Hongru Liu
Professor, The Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China,
Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
‘Prospects for the Chinese Economy in 1998’
5 December, 1997
Masaomi Kadoya
Managing Director, Japan Aircraft Development Corporation
‘Innovation in the Aeroplane Industry: Self-reform at Boeing as seen in the development of the B777’
3 December, 1997
Hongru Liu
Professor, The Graduate School of the People’s Bank of China
Visiting Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi
‘Chinese Economic Reform: In Retrospect and Future Prospects’
28 November, 1997
Masataka Ikeda
Professor, Department of Economics, Chuo University
‘Structural Reforms and System Suppliers of the Automobile Industry in Japan and Europe’
18 November, 1997
Theresa M. Greaney
Assistant Professor, Syracuse University

‘Righting Past Wrongs?’
5 November, 1997
Steven White
Research Associate, Institute of Research, Kobe University

‘Technology Acquisition Choices by Chinese Pharmaceutical Firms’
28 October, 1997
Christina Boari
Professor, University of Bologna

‘The Intra-organisational Ecology of Alliance Formation’
27 October, 1997
Douglas Engelbart
Professor of Stanford University
Director, Bootstrap Institute

‘Collective IQ and the Knowledge Community’
22 October, 1997
Hyungoh Lee
Doctoral Programme Student, Division of Economics, The University of Tokyo

‘The Evolution Process of Inter-firm Relations: Focusing on the PT system of Toray’
26 September, 1997
Qikan Zhou
Tien-tsin Academy of Social Science
‘The State of Japanese Research in China’
Yunjing Guo

‘General State of Economic Development in Tenshin since Reforms and Openness’
24 September, 1997
Charles Weathers
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

‘Japanese Industrial Relations Formation: Towards a Comparative Institutional Approach’
30 July, 1997
Kazuhiro Taniguchi
Postdoctoral Fellowship, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science

‘Corporate Culture and Comparative System Analysis: An Examination of System Innovation
Masaru Karube
Doctoral Programme Student, Division of Commerce, Graduate School, Hitotsubashi University

‘Direct Technological Progress and Roundabout Technological Progress : Research into American and Japanese Progressive Styles in Semiconductor Processing Techniques’
16 July, 1997
Simon Collinson and Martin Fransman
Professors, University of Edingburgh

‘The Strategic Management of R&D and Innovation, Knowledge and Expertise: British and Japanese Firms Compared’
20 June, 1997
Satoshi Akutsu
Ph.D.Candidate, University of California, Berkley, Haas Business School

‘Awareness Patterns of Concepts of Fairness in Negotiation’Akira Takeishi
Ph.D.Candidate, Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

‘Strategic Management of Inter-firm Relations: Effective Supplier Management in Product Development in the Auto Industry’
19 May, 1997
Xielin Liu
State Science and Technology Commission, China National Research Centre of Science and Technology for Development

‘Innovation in China’s Automobile Industry’