Business Review Vol.56 No.1, SUM. 2008

Vol.56 No.1, SUM. 2008 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.
Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Japanese Business System
Kazuhiro Mishina “Invisible Profits: An Interpretation of the Business System”
Kumiko Nishio “Business Systems in the Japanese Traditional Industry: The Case of “hanamachi” in Kyoto”
Fumitoshi Mizutani “Management and Business System of Privately Owned Railway Companies”
Kei Kuriki “Multi-dimentional Competition by Business Systems in Video Game Industry”
Lin Huang/Donghao Li “Competitiveness of Japanese Retailers: Business Development of Ito-Yokado in China”
Mitsutoshi Hirano/Yasuhiko Uchida/Ryuta Suzuki “Value-Creation Mechanism under the Japanese-Style Career System”
●Column “The Last Words of Professor Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.(5)”
 Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
●Competitive Strategy as a Narrative Story
 Ken Kusunoki (1)
●Business Cases
 Ryuji Yausda/Hideki Kawada
  “Resona Holdings, Inc.”
 Yaichi Aoshima/Jinwei Zhu/NG Shuk Yee Sally 
  “Wuxi Little Swan Co Ltd”
●Management Forum
 Hidezo Terai (World Co., Ltd.)
 Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura
●Critical Eyes: Harmonization of Patent System
 Yoichiro Nishimura
 Tetsu Hirasawa
 ”Inquiring into the Gap between an Application of Science Knowledge and Everyday
   Practice in Management”