Business Review Vol.55 No.2, AUT. 2007

Vol.55 No.2, AUT. 2007 (In Japanese)

A leading management journal in Japanese,
which builds a bridge between theory and practice.
Hitotsubashi University, Institute of Innovation Research
Toyo Keizai Inc.

Design and Competitiveness
Patrick Reinmoeller/Seiichiro Yonekura “Corporate Resilience by Design: Managing Design Innovation”
Shiro Nakamura “Design as Corporate Resource: Design Management within the Automotive Industry”
Michio Yoshida “Design Strategies at Samsung Electronics”
Takashi Odajima “Design as Identity Strategy: A Practical Study of the Brand Identity Strategy for NTT DoCoMo”
Naohito Okude “Design Thinking and Management of Creative Innovation”
Tomoko Watanabe “Strategy Using Intellectual Property to Support Competitiveness of Design”
●Column “The Last Words of Professor Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.(2)”
 Alfred D. Chandler, Jr.
●An Invitation to Network Thinking
 Toshihiko Nishiguchi (6)
●Business Cases
 Akira Takeishi/Youngjae Koh/Kenichi Furukawa/Hideaki Kodu
  “Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.”
 Sow Hirano/Masaru Karube 
  “JFE Steel Corporation”
●Management Forum
 Naoto Fukasawa (Product Designer)
 Interviewed by Seiichiro Yonekura
●Critical Eyes: Behavioral Finance
 Hideaki Shirane
●Article “Organizational Management on Demand Forecasting: A Case Study of Kao Corporation”
 Mikihisa Nakano/Nobunori Oji