Program Overview

Program Overview
The Institute of Innovation Research (IIR) initiated its Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research Program on Innovation Processes in FY2008, with support from the central government.
Background and purpose
  Innovation holds the key to Japan’s future economic growth. The process of innovation is highly complex, and accompanied by a social division of labor. To clarify measures that will effectively promote innovation in both the creation and application of knowledge, there is a need for systematic research into every process of innovation, from the accumulation of objective data and creation of ideas based on such data to their use. This research endeavor is pursuing research on innovation processes, including the mechanisms of knowledge creation and paths toward competition and cooperation in R&D, based on industry-academia-government collaboration (personnel exchanges, sharing of data and sharing of costs). Together with obtaining research results that set an international standard, the project seeks to embody its research results in novel policies and proposals for institutional reforms that will improve the technology management capabilities of government agencies and the industrial sector, and promote innovation.
Research areas and projects
  (1) Research Project on the Knowledge Creation Process in Science and the Creation of Innovation
  (2) Research Project on Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration Research
  (3) Research Project [3] Empirical Research Concerning the Relationship Between Researchers’ Knowledge Creation Processes and Research Promotion Policies based on an Analysis of Nobel Prizes
  (4) Collaboration Research Project with NEDO
  (5) Research Project on Competition and Cooperation Processes in the Semiconductor Industry
  (6) Biotechnology Sector Innovation Project
  (7) Standards Etc. in Other Sectors
  (8) Creation of a Research Database
  (9) Research on the Scientific Sources and Economic Effects of Innovation
Project surveys
  Surveys concerning macroeconomics assessment systems for science and technology innovation policies
Implementation system
Research members
  Introduction to research members
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Workshops and conferences
  Planned and past programs
Questionnaire research (surveys)
  Project summary, survey results and Q&A