Hitotsubashi University Institute of Innovation Research

Koizumi, Hideto Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

Public Economics and Microeconomic Theory
Born: 1988

E-mail: koizumi☆iir.hit-u.ac.jp (to use this email address, please replace the ☆ with an @ mark)
Phone: +81-42-580-8436
Fax: +81-42-580-8410
Web: https://hidetokoizumi.github.io

2011     BA in Liberal Arts at Soka University of America
2012     MA in International and Development Economics at Yale University
2012-2013 Research Associate at Innovation for Poverty Action
2013-2014 World Bank, STC
2020     PhD in Applied Economics at the Wharton School of UPenn
2020     Post-doctoral Fellow, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University
2020-present Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University

-Encouragement Award 2020 from the Japan Institute of Public Finance
Japan Institute of Public Finance, November 2020
Optimal Uniform Capital Taxation in A Partially Automated Society

【Recent Research Themes】
Optimal Taxation with Automation