Researcher Profile LEE, Hyo Yun

LEE, Hyo Yun Postdoctoral Fellow

International Relations, Hospitality Management

Fax: +81-42-580-8410

2015    M.A., School of International and Public Policy, Hitotsubashi University
2019    Ph.D., Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University
2019-present  Part-time lecturer, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration,
Saitamagakuen University
2020    Completion, Innovation Management and Policy Program, Hitotsubashi University
2020    Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Law, Hitotstubashi University
2021-present  Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute of Innovation Research, Hitotsubashi University

【Recent Research Themes】
Mechanism of national brand image formation
Hospitality management innovation

Lee, H., (2021), Evaluation of foreigners visiting Japan regarding Japan’s national brand image: Focusing on social and personal evaluation, Journal of Northeast Asian Studies, vol.27. (Scheduled to be published in May, in Japanese)

Lee, H., (2020), A Study on Information Routes and National Brand Image of Foreigners Visiting Japan, Bulletin of Saitama Gakuen University. Faculty of Economics and Business (20), 141-151. (in Japanese)

Lee, H., (2020), Changes in the Evaluation of Japan’s National Brand Image Due to Human Interaction, The Hitotsubashi journal of law and international studies, 19(3), 141-181. (in Japanese)

Lee, H., (2019), Formation Mechanism of National Brand Image in International Relations: Focusing on Cases of Human Interaction in Japan, Doctoral Dissertation for Graduate School of Law, Hitotsubashi University. (in Japanese)