■場所:一橋大学 佐野書院(東京都国立市中2-17-35)
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Session1:Japanese, Session2~5:English
•Opening: 9:30-9:45: Yaichi AOSHIMA
Session1: (Chair: Kobayashi-Yoshioka)
•9:45-10:25: 平坂 透 「活用と探索の組織学習マネジメントに CEO が果たす役割の考察 ~イノベーションを生み続ける米国IT企業の事例から~」
•10:25-11:05: 竹田 太樹 「破壊的イノベーションに際しての、既存技術開発の動機について」

Break: 11:05-11:20
Session 2: (Chair: Kang)
•11:20-12:00: Nana WENG “Empirical Study on How Organization Learning Mediate Hybrid International Human Resource Management and Performance -Evidence from Japanese Subsidiaries in Vietnam–“
•12:00-12:40: Suhyeong KIM & Hwajoon CHOI “Non-Verbal Communication on the Web: Digital Gesture”

Lunch: 12:40-13:30
Session 3: (Chair: Nakajima)
•13:30-14:10: Haruki SAWAMURA “How Is the Vision of a Start-up Company Formulated Envisaging Business Model Innovation? Case of an Electric-vehicle-based Mobility Service Provider in Bangalore“
•14:10-14:50: Seokbeom KWON “How Does Antitrust Regulation of Patents Consolidation Affect Follow-on Innovation?”
Break: 14:50-15:00


Session 4: (Chair: Ohyama)
•15:00-15:40: ElHassan ELSABRY “The Landscape of Science Philanthropy in Japan: Motivations & Characteristics of Funding”
•15:40-16:20: Atsushi TSUMITA “Are Serendipities Important for Innovation? An Exploratory Analysis of the Successful R&D Projects from the Research Project on Okochi Memorial Prize Winners”
Break: 16:20-16:30
Session 5: (Chair: Karube)
•16:30-17:10: Yuki HIGUCHI “Management and Innovation: Evidence from Randomized Experiments and Repeated Surveys in Vietnam”
•17:10-17:50: Chirantan CHATTERJEE “Intellectual Property Regimes and Wage Inequality”
•Closing: 17:50-18:00: Yaichi AOSHIMA